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‘DEADBEAT’ Atlanta pastor William Murphy under fire for playing club music in his church on New Year’s Eve


William Murphy, pastor of Dream Center in Atlanta is under fire for playing F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz)- Swag Surfin’ in his New Year’s Eve watch night service. The pastor himself could be seen ‘Swag Surfin’.

Bishop William Murphy

Word On The Curb…the devil has once again got a hold of Pastor William Murphy of DreamCenter in Atlanta. In 2018, Murphy was put on blast by his ex-wife, Carmin Johnson, for being a deadbeat daddy to their two sons. It is unknown if Murphy has made the decision to be in his children’s lives or not, but this new video shows that he’s been busy with the devil for quite some time.

I just don’t know a holy and sanctified preacher playing this kind of music in the church. With all these gospel artists who still have one foot in the church, they could have been called in to help get Murphy high off Jesus instead of whatever he was on to have pulled this stunt. It seems like Murphy thought Jesus was sleeping upstairs, so he decided to throw a quick party for the devil downstairs.

‘Swag Surfin’ for the devil

The video was initially posted on TikTok and has since gone viral. The video shows a packed church from wall to wall. Literally, you probably thought you were walking into the Marquette in Atlanta. Murphy probably thought to himself that since he wouldn’t make it to the club last night, he would bring the club to the Dream Center.

Please watch the video below:

More videos are emerging of Bishop William Murphy’s controversial watch night church service. In this new video, they are dancing to Beyoncé’s “Before I Let Go,” and then start shouting to praise break music before walking it out by Unk. It’s a sad time that we are living in, and to be honest, the saints should have just gone to the club instead of the Dream Center watch night service.

“KEEP IT SANCTIFIED, I NEED YOU TO WALK IT OUT, Bishop Murphy tells his congregants.

Please watch the video below:

 Bishop Murphy may be the first viral story of 2024.

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