As unemployment lapse for Americans, President Trump is playing golf

While millions of Americans lose unemployment, Sunday, President Donald Trump was at his West Palm Beach, FL golf course, not giving a damn.

Over the weekend, President Trump has shown no interest in signing an end-of-year COVID relief and spending bill as unemployment aid expired.

The country is now heading towards a mid-pandemic shutdown, and lawmakers are begging the President to approve the bipartisan bill.

Republicans and Democrats were not expecting President Trump to ask for more money for the American People, saying they deserve $2,000 because $600 is ridiculously low. He also said that he wanted Pork spending to stop and urged both parties to give him what he wants.

The federal government will run out of money at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday if President Trump refuses to sign the bill as he spends the holidays in Florida.

Sunday, Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders called President Trump’s behavior “unbelievably cruel.”

What the president is doing right now is unbelievably cruel, Sanders said.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania also said that President Trump should sign the bill.

We’ve got a bill right now that his administration helped negotiate, Toomey said. I think we ought to get that done.

Senator Toomey also said that President Trump could ask for more after he signs this bill, but the President isn’t hearing it.

President Trump has given no sign or indication that he will sign the bill.

I simply want to get our great people $2000, rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill, he tweeted Saturday. Also, stop the billions of dollars in ‘pork’.

President-elect Joe Biden has called on President Trump to sign the bill immediately as the midnight deadline neared Saturday. Biden accused President Trump of an “abdication of responsibility” that has “devastating consequences.”

How and when the people would be affected by the lapse will depend on the state they live in, the program they were relying on, and when they applied for benefits. In some states, people on regular unemployment insurance would continue to receive payments under a program that extends benefits when the jobless rate surpassed a certain threshold, according to Andrew Stettner, an unemployment insurance expert.

Sad times we are living in.


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