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Alaska woman says her Registered Nursing license was stolen and used by a woman in Mississippi


A woman who is originally from Alabama but now resides in Alaska says the Compact-Registered Nursing license she has had since 2006 was stolen and used by a woman from Mississippi, whom she does not know, personally or professionally.

Brandie Banks told The North Carolina Beat that in November 2021, she was first notified about her license being used when an employee contacted her on Facebook and told her that a woman was trying to use her nursing license. Brandie said the employee told her the woman had changed the name from Brandie’s name to her name but didn’t notify the nursing board, which the woman wouldn’t have known to do after a name change because she was not a legitimate nurse, who had been through school and obtained a nursing license, legally.

Brandie said she notified the Alabama Board of Nursing and gave them the woman who reached out to her on Facebook, contact information.

The woman who allegedly stole Brandie’s nursing license has been identified as 27-year-old Breonna Banks.

Fake Nurse, Breonna Banks

Brandie said at the time, she never heard back from the Alabama Board of Nursing after initially contacting them about her license being used, so she emailed them. In the email Brandie received from the Alabama Board of Nursing, she said they told her they would put a block on her license, which she was okay with.

“I didn’t report it to the police at first because in my mind, I’m thinking if people do what they are supposed to do, it doesn’t matter who trying to use it, it won’t work.” Brandie said.

In June 2022, an investigator from the Mississippi Board of Nursing contacted Brandie and asked her if she had tried applying for a job in Ohio. Brandie said she told the investigator she wasn’t. According to Brandie, the investigator then read an email address and asked if she was associated with it, to which Brandie said she told the investigator, ‘No.’

After the investigator called me, I notified Alabama Board of Nursing a second time, Brandie said.

After Brandie notified the Alabama Board of Nursing the second time about her license being used, she believes that’s when the Alabama Board of Nursing activated a block on her license.

But Breonna allegedly would not stop trying to get into the door of a career she had no experience in.

In January, Brandie said she was contacted through Linkedin by a woman who told her they believed someone was trying to use her nursing license.

The woman worked in human resources where Breonna was trying to get a job at with my license, Brandie said. So, this time, I actually listened for key information to help me find out who this girl is and where she lives.

During the conversation, Brandie said the HR woman told her that Breonna showed up for an interview, and they thought it was “strange.”

She told me that none of Breonna’s references checked out, nothing matched, and she wouldn’t answer the phone when they would call prior to the interview and she was calling them from blocked phone numbers, Brandie said.

Brandie said the HR woman also told her that Breonna had changed into nursing scrubs in the parking lot before her interview.

On February 1, Brandie said she was contacted by a staffing agency who told her that they believed someone was trying to use her nursing license, but she told them she was aware of the situation. Two days later, Brandie said she took to social media with the information she already had about Breonna. However, Brandie said the post got very little attention until recently, when it went viral.


Breonna made it to working with patients using Brandie’s license. According to Brandie’s social media posts, Breonna worked at Emory Hospital in Decatur, Georgia, and at the University of Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi.

Brandie said she filed her police report on Breonna in January 2023 because she was under the impression that after she reported it to her home state, Alabama, Board of Nursing, they would block her license so no one could use it.

When the block was officially put on Brandie’s license, she said she believed Breonna would apply for these jobs just to get in orientation to make money and apply for another job because she knew allegedly using Brandie’s license wasn’t going to workout for her too much longer.

I think she started applying to get in orientation, make a check, and leave, Brandie said.

On February 22, 2023, Breonna was arrested and booked into the Rankin County Detention Center in Brandon, Mississippi, and has since been released.

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