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LaTavia Washington McGee allegedly went to Mexico to get drugs for her husband in prison


The North Carolina Beat is learning more about Latavia Washington McGee’s trip to Matamoros, Mexico, for an alleged tummy tuck before she and three of her friends were kidnapped by the cartels.

Latavia Washington McGee is no stranger to the world, having gained viral attention after being kidnapped in March of this year. Three of her friends accompanied her on a trip from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to Matamoros, Mexico, where she intended to undergo a tummy tuck procedure.

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However, sources have been in contact with The North Carolina Beat and said that LaTavia was going to Mexico to establish drug connections on behalf of her husband, Termario McGee. He is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for trafficking dangerous drugs in Horry County, South Carolina.

Termario McGee

In January, Termario pleaded guilty to second-degree trafficking of methamphetamines and second-degree distribution of methamphetamines, according to Assistant Solicitor Kaitlin L. Cook. In Termario’s initial arrest, the police apprehended him and three others at the Ocean Crest Inn & Suites located at 601 S. Ocean Boulevard. Police reportedly seized one gram of heroin, 31 grams of methamphetamine, as well as Roxicodone and Xanax pills.

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Sources tell The North Carolina Beat that McGee’s alleged trip for a tummy tuck was a “drug deal gone wrong.”

And when you really think about it, what woman would take a group of men with her to get a tummy tuck? Seriously,though?

LaTavia McGee and Eric “Wise” Williams were the only two survivors, while Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown were found dead.

Kidnapped in Mexico
LaTavia Washington McGee
Eric “Wise” Williams

Sources tell The North Carolina Beat that Termario allegedly sells drugs in prison. He needed LaTavia to bring the drugs back so they could be sneaked into the Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia, South Carolina. However, it seems that they messed it up. If you recall, one of the women on the trip, Cheryl Orange, reported that the four friends were missing. According to a police report, she told the police that she believed they were arrested because they liked to do narcotics.

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Termario and LaTavia have reportedly been dating for 10 years and married for almost 3 years. In 2016, LaTavia was charged with child neglect after drugs were found in her children’s system. 

LaTavia Washington McGee and her husband, Termario McGee

According to the South Carolina Department of Adult Corrections, Termario was transferred from Kirkland to Macdougall Correctional Institution for “administrative” reasons.

The projected release date for Termario is December 4, 2030.

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  1. I am the eldest sister of Zindell Brown. I haven’t spoken out much b/c I’m still in a grieving stage. But I wanted to clear some things up. #1 my brother zindell Brown actually thought he was driving Latavia to get a tummy tuck. Shaeed Woodard birthdaycan. why he went b/c him and zindell are like straight up brothers since they were kids and both were very humble and genuinely the best two ppl you want around. #2. Now why the other 2 individuals went is when this story starts to smell fishy. My brother wasn’t a drug dealer, yes he smoked marijuana like 75% of Americans do. Zindell spoke fluent spanish b/c our grandfather aunts uncles and cousins are Hispanic and I have a lot of connections in Mexico. If zindell was a drug dealer trust me he wouldn’t have to go get it from mexico but that wasn’t his lane. Zindell and I never had absolutely no secrets and I see a lot of stories about them going to buy drugs. I wouldnt dispute that but I know my brother and if he’d known that’s what they were going for he would have called me and told me what the deal was and he knew I would have put him in a hotel and took the 1st flight out to go get him b/c that’s just not how he is period. Zindell was a man full of knowledge, a.Master Knight, attended Military school and took on the family business my dad started in construction and zindell’s work was immaculate and jokes to keep you laughing. See nobody has come to speak with me on this situation and I am more knowledgeable than any of my family
    That’s just how close zindell and I were. This whole story/incident didnt make sense first and I tried to get the associated press to cover and unveil a lot of information but obviously they were to afraid to do so. When I came across this article I did ” finally someone is on the right track. I do believe my brother zindell Brown was set up and a.lot more people.are thinking the same thing.. this particular incident goes and gets a lot deeper. Latavia and Eric walked away from this. Yes eric was shot in the leg but Latavia had no harm done to her. Shaeed Woodard family had to have a closed casket b/c of what the “authorities ” said the condition of his body was in from the heat. Now my brother zindell Brown was completely tortured even after being shot in his back. The heat didn’t do anything to his body. So b/c this is an ongoing issue I won’t disclose how they tortured and mutilated his body but it was a disgrace. So my question is why wasn’t everyone else tortured. Then to make matters worst in August of 2017 Latavia’s 1st cousin shot my brother zindell in the stomach on his way home from work and they were suppose to be friends. I watched my baby brother fight for his life then and they never locked Latavia cousin up for attempted murder. Now a couple of weeks before they went to mexico my brother zindell and Latavia’s cousin the one that shot him the 1st time got into a real bad heated argument that my brother hangs out at. Ok this happens in myrtle beach sc so I got him a room for a couple of days to let both calm down but theres a lot of anime between them myself and some family
    Latavia’s cousin told my brother the next bullet that comes his way he wont survive.
    So now few weeks later they go all the way to mexico and my brother gets kidnapped tortured and murdered
    Latavia has been locked up more than one time since she been home and nobody’s not doing nothing but letting her bond out. Latavia told my cousin she would sell him to the cartel now what kind of bullshit is that.
    Zindell and I were the closest thing we had. I was more like his mother than his sister. Anytime there was a problem I was there but this time they took my baby brother way cross country so i couldn’t get to him in time. He just trusted the wrong ppl.
    4.the “suppose to be Haitians they were beefing with”
    Well damn what happened to them they disappeared in thin air. Soon as my brother come cross that boarder him and shaeed were the only ones with dreads. How did the cartel manage to target that one van with 2 black guys in dreads is racially profil6.
    #5 then the cartel gives up 6 of they’re own ppl that were suppose to be the same one that did this.
    #6. Then they issue out apologize letter….like WTF is that suppose to do. How much comfort do a letter bring with us not even knowing if it was sincere
    To be sorry about what happened they didnt offer to pay for any funeral expenses, they didnt offer the families any kind of compensation. My brother and I ran my catering business for 10yrs and as of 03/15/2024 STONEY’S will be officially closed and I have 2 kids to take care of. How am I suppose to support my kids when everything we built together is gone dont1 get me wrong now no amount of money can replace zindell Brown & shaeed Woodard but it’s the gesture and principle they could have done that.
    If anyone wants to make any donations send it to:
    $ZalandriaBrown Cashapp

  2. If he owed, why they killed those 2 men, and not her for instance?? Really, it was a crazy story, but they were bold to Fuxx with the clCARTEL anyways, lucky they didn’t unalive all of them!!

  3. We been said this!! I knew it had to do with drugs. Ain’t no way the cartel gonna just kidnap them for absolutely no reason unless they were up to no good! He must’ve owed money or something


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