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Survivors of Mexico kidnapping Latavia Washington and Eric Williams retain attorneys


Two Mexico kidnapping survivors have now retained attorneys to represent them against whomever…

On Sunday afternoon, Greensboro Attorney Jason Keith stated that his office, attorney Mark Cummings, and Atlanta attorney Harry Daniels would represent Latavia Washington and Eric Williams, two Americans from South Carolina kidnapped by the cartels in the Matamoros on March 3, 2023.

Eric “Wise” Williams

In a social media post, attorney Keith said his clients want “to set the record straight,” “they should receive compensation for their injuries and medical expenses,” and that “no one should have to experience what these people went through.” 


Latavia Washington, Shaeed Woodard, Eric Willams, and Zindell Brown all took a trip with Washington to Matamoros, Mexico for an alleged tummy tuck that turned deadly, when they were crashed into, shot at, and kidnapped. Two of the Americans, Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown did not survive.

In attorney Keith post, Williams deny they went to Mexico for drugs…however, according to a police report, a fifth person named Cheryl Orange who was with the other four headed to Mexico told police that she thought the four had been arrested because they liked to do “narcotics.”

Orange didn’t have proper identification to cross the border so she stayed at a local motel in Brownsville, Texas.

When she didn’t hear back from the four after they told her they would be back in 15 minutes, she called 911.

As time passed by, rumors online surfaced of past criminal drug convictions of the group and suggested that the four was actually headed over to Mexico to allegedly pick up drugs

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