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Florida woman lies about why she was banned from hospital, court documents show she was denying her husband life-saving measures


LaShawn Buie-Walker, who went viral on on Facebook earlier this year after she said that Tampa General Hospital was neglecting her husband, 39-year-old Keith Walker, has been lying about why she was banned from the hospital. The North Carolina Beat spoke to the father of Keith Walker who revealed to us the reason LaShawn was banned. Court documents show that LaShawn was denying her husband ‘life-saving measures’.

LaShawn Buie-Walker and her husband, Keith Walker
LaShawn Buie-Walker and her husband, Keith Walker

LaShawn Buie-Walker, the wife of Keith Walker, who is currently in a rehab facility due to a massive stroke he suffered in August, went viral earlier this year on Facebook after she posted a video showing her husband hospitalized. She alleged that he was in the same gown, had snot all over him, and had no pillows to prop up his legs, among other things. Essentially, she claimed that Tampa General Hospital was neglecting him.

However, it was not the hospital neglecting Keith Walker – it was LaShawn.

On October 17, LaShawn Buie-Walker made a post on Facebook about her being banned from seeing her husband.

Keith Walker and LaShawn Buie-Walker
Keith Walker and LaShawn Buie-Walker

On October 17, LaShawn made a lengthy social media post on Facebook, alleging that she had been banned from Tampa General Hospital. She said it was a result of her being Keith’s voice and health advocate.

“I have been rewarded with no longer being able to visit my husband in the hospital and denied my right to lay by his side”, Shawn said in the Facebook post. “The hospital has banned me from visiting and has even used security to escort me from the premises.”

LaShawn Buie-Walker never revealed to her sympathetic audience the details surrounding her ban. Instead, she continued to make posts on social media in order to gain sympathy from the public. Still to this day, she is upset and claims she is banned and continues to spread false information about Tampa General Hospital regarding the medical treatment of her husband, who is no longer at that hospital.

LaShawn blast Keith Walker’s father, John Walker, alleging that he was trying to kill her husband to take their real estate empire.

On Christmas Eve, John Walker, Keith Walker’s father, arrived at his son’s home, where LaShawn also lives. In the video caption, LaShawn said, “I havent seen my husband. My in laws and stepson has him confined in the hospital with a confidential code on him, so no visitors. Yall would want my husband to die for real estate that we built.”

Her false allegation that John, his wife, and their grandson tried to kill her husband was the result of the inner demons she was battling.

“You kept my husband away from me all this time over a mortgage?”, Shawn asks John. “thIS IS OUR PROPERTY.”

In response, John said, “You kept yourself away from him,” to which Shawn responds, “Whatever.” The two go back and forth, but Shawn is clearly attempting to portray herself as the victim in the situation. However, John said that LaShawn had blocked all of his family and her own family, and no one could reach her by phone. He said he received a phone call about the unpaid mortgage and drove to his son’s home to inform LaSahwn that the mortgage company had been calling him about the missed payments.

John Walker told The North Carolina Beat that LaShawn was refusing his son life-saving measures and Tampa General Hospital filed a court order to ban her from the hospital

Keith Walker, husband of LaShawn Buie-Walker
Keith Walker, husband of LaShawn Buie-Walker

John Walker told The North Carolina Beat that LaShawn does not want people to know the truth. He said that LaShawn constantly curses at him and his wife. He said she had the opportunity to see her husband, but she messed that up for herself.

“That’s our son, you don’t think we want our son to be saved,” John said. “He needs treatment so he can get better and come home but she was denying it.”

John said, this is the second stroke that Keith has had. At one point, the neurologist informed LaShawn that Keith’s brain cells were dying by the minute, and they needed her authorization to proceed with treatment. John said LaShawn asked the doctors, “What do y’all want to do?” and refused to sign the form.

“What do you think they want to do,” John said. “They want to save my son.”

According to John, Keith Walker has been in need of a kidney for quite some time. He said his son has been on dialysis for about 7 or 8 years. But he is currently hospitalized due to a massive stroke, which John said LaShawn doesn’t want to believe.

“When you on dialysis, you’re on dialysis until you get a new kidney,” John said. “That don’t change and she don’t want to believe he had a massive stroke when the doctors told us what happened.”

John said that while Keith was in the hospital, he and his wife would call every day to get an update on how he was doing because he was their son, and that’s what parents do. He said it reached a point where LaShawn prevented the doctors from providing them with updates about their son.

“We called everyday for updates about Keith, until Shawn told the hospital to not give us anymore information about him,” John said. “We still could go and see him but they wouldn’t give us any updates because shawn had stopped it.”

John said that one day, his wife and niece went to see Keith, but the doctors and security stopped them at the door. He said they were taken into a separate room and told that LaShawn was practically killing Keith.

“They said she was denying him dialysis and seizure medication,” John said. “They told her she had to ‘go’ and she threatened to shoot them.”

John told The North Carolina Beat that Keith is currently at a rehabilitation facility, recovering. He said Keith is still the same, and doctors said they don’t know how much damage had been done after LaShawn denied him seizure medication. John said that although he doesn’t know the exact number of times LaShawn had denied his son life-saving measures, the hospital needed another proxy to authorize Keith’s medical treatments.

Keith Walker would have been dead in two days had his oldest son, Keith Walker Jr. not became his proxy

“My oldest grandson, Keith’s oldest son, became Keith’s proxy, said John. “The hospital filed the emergency court order for my grandson to be the proxy and they told me had we not got someone different than Shawn, my son would have been dead in two days.”

The first time Keith had a stroke, John said that LaShawn was denying Keith his medication, and the hospital called social services on her. He said he had never seen anything like this in his life. LaShawn can visit Keith, but she cannot be in the room with him alone, according to John, citing the court restrictions.

He recalled a time when his niece went with LaShawn to visit Keith, and LaShawn started becoming disrespectful with the nurses and messing with Keith’s dialysis machine while he was using it. John said that LaShawn stormed out of the hospital after the nurses told her she couldn’t do that.

In a court document obtained by The North Carolina Beat, on October 23, 2023, Hillsborough County, Florida, Circuit Judge Caroline Tesche Arkin entered a court order against LaShawn Buie-Walker to remove her as the health care proxy for Keith.

The court order states, “LaShawn Buie, Keith Walker’s wife, is removed as the health care proxy for Keith Walker.”LaShawn Buie’s decisions to deny Keith Walker life-saving hemodialysis treatments and necessary anti-seizure medications are not in the best interest and not in accord with Keith Walker’s known desires.”

Judge Arkin said she considered the testimony of Keith’s treating physician before making her ruling.


Court order against Keith Walker's wife, LaShawn -Buie-Walker
Court order against Keith Walker’s wife, LaShawn -Buie-Walker

John said that he and his wife had nothing to do with the emergency court order against her, and that it was solely filed by Tampa General Hospital.

Keith Walker is a successful real estate agent, and it appeared to us that LaShawn was allegedly attempting to kill him in order to inherit all of his money.

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