Tuesday, July 16, 2024

15-year-old Missouri student suspended after filming her geometry teacher using the N-word


Chileeee, the racism is loud and very clear at Glendale High School in Springfield, Missouri.

Filming your teacher using the N-word is apparently against the policy at GHS.

Last week, a 15-year-old Sophomore named Mary Walton, who recorded her Geometry teacher using the N-word several times, was suspended after the incident.

The student’s mother called the school out on punishing her daughter for exposing the teacher’s alleged misconduct and racism.

Walton said her teacher was debating with students about the n-word last Thursday.

In the video, a student tells the teacher to stop saying that word if he wants to keep his job.

The teacher replied, “I am not calling anyone a n***er. I can. say the word.”

The teacher caught Walton recording and ordered her to stop. Walton refused. The teacher then told Walton to go to the principal’s office, where she was later suspended for three days.

In the video, the teacher will also ask, “When a Black person is using it towards another Black person, how is it not still a derogatory word?”


The biggest question is why did Walton get suspended for filming her teacher’s racism?

According to Springfield Public Schools, the teacher has been fired.

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