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North Carolina thot accused of spreading sexually transmitted diseases throughout job


Chile…Word on the curb…some Thothiana in Mount Holly, North Carolina is being accused on social media of allegedly spreading sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, to nearly 30 men at her job at Freightliner. Most of these men aremarried.

We would be telling a lie if we said that we felt sorry for all these men. If you had not been cheating on your wives, you wouldn’t be knocking on death’s door. And with all the pastors f*****g in the church, I don’t think you’ll be able to get anyone on the line to pray this away.

The people in Mount Holly told The North Carolina Beat that 19-year-old Toriann Pence is the woman who is allegedly walking around, passing out that thiyaw like bottles of water to nearly 30 men at her workplace, Freightliner, located on N Main St. in Mount Holly.

Toriann Pence

The North Carolina Beat has requested information from the Mount Holly Police Department after learning that the Health Department had visited Freightliner in search of Toriann. It is unclear whether she was present at work during that time or if she was present and potentially passing that clap around to another individual in the back.

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Toriann caused a social media firestorm after allegations surfaced that she had engaged in unprotected sex with men at her job without disclosing her serious health condition.


Sources tell The North Carolina Beat that Toriann is in hiding and could possibly face criminal charges after the police complete their investigation.

We are still working to verify the alleged claims.

It is probably more people at our job she has given that shit to, an employee at Freightliner who wishes to remain anonymous told The North Carolina Beat. Guys started coming in saying they started having some funny stuff going on and they went to go get checked and they was told they had HIV.

Just imagine cheating on your wife with another woman who is infected and brining it back home to your wife, not knowing that you have it yourself. LAWD!

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  1. So damn gross. The entire gas station I just went in was talking about it and that’s how I found out. Low as low gets. Totally grossed out. So disrespectful of her. An most of all to the married men not. ESPECIALLY NOT USING PROTECTION LIKE HELL NO. makes me sick. This is sad. An should be taken very seriously!!!!

  2. She needs to be put down like a rabid dog because that is essentially what she is.
    Now the bigger question here is how many of those men are going to be man enough to go home and tell their wives not only did they cheat but they BOTH need to go get tested for HIV?
    Its bad enough cheating but doing it unprotected is just low!


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