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Yolna Lubrin car found with tire jack smashed in window outside of home where she was found hanging, “friends” are in hiding


The family of Yolna Lubrin, a 30-year-old woman who was found dead on Sept. 28, in Orlando, Florida, is still seeking answers regarding her death. Yolna was discovered partially naked, hanging from a tree in the backyard of a home. Despite the Orlando police claiming Yolna took her own life, her family remains unconvinced. They are particularly suspicious because the people in the home at the time of Yolna’s death, has chosen to remain silent. Additionally, Yolna’s car was found outside the home with a tire jack smashed in the driver’s side front windshield.

Yolna Lubrin

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One of the individuals present at the time of Yolna’s death was her girlfriend, Siaara Michelle Pinder.

Yolna’s sister, Naomi Lubrin, told The North Carolina Beat that there are two homes on this particular property, one of which is a shack behind the main house where two men reside. She said one of the men filmed her sister hanging from the tree and stated that he would not call 911 because he had to go to work. She told The North Carolina Beat that they eventually obtained the video and were informed that Yolna had committed suicide.

My sister was hanging by an elastic rope, Naomi said. And we don’t believe she killed herself.

Naomi told The North Carolina Beat that Yolna’s breasts were fully exposed and her pants were unbuttoned, as if she had been raped before her tragic death. Now, the people inside the home are being quiet and refusing to tell what they know. She said Orlando police have failed them and have refused to obtain a search warrant for the home.

The police did not do any searches on the home or the cars outside of it, Naomi said. You would think if someone was found dead in the backyard of a house, the police would search the house. They told us they didn’t have probable cause.

The North Carolina Beat has identified the individuals present at the residence on the day Yolna was discovered. The owner of the home has been identified as Lopez Desroches, along with his niece Marianna Desroches. Steven Maddison, the man who filmed Yolna hanging from the tree but refused to call 911 because he had to go to work, was also at the home. Yolna’s girlfriend, Pinder, was also present.

Lopez Desroaches (Homeowner)
Marianna Desroches (Homeowner’s niece)
Steven Maddison (Man who first filmed Yolna and claimed he couldn’t call 911 because he had to go to work.
Siaara Michelle Pinder (Yolna’s girlfriend)

Naomi told The North Carolina Beat that neither of the mentioned individuals has reached out to them to offercondolences or provide an explanation for what happened to Yolna.

A video obtained by The North Carolina Beat, filmed by Maddison, shows Yolna’s car severely damaged, as if someone intentionally vandalized it. In the video, you can see a tire jack smashed into the driver’s side windshield, as well as the driver’s side window smashed out. There are also clothes strewn around the car.

In the video, you can hear Maddison asking the homeowner’s niece, Marianna, “What happened last night?” as he films Yolna’s car.

According to Naomi, Detective Patrick Cavanaugh, who is assigned to Yolna’s case, is the same detective who concluded that 22-year-old Evan Baker’s death was a suicide. Evan was found hanging from a tree in a park on the west side of the city.

But the video we have reviewed at The North Carolina Beat, and the video we will show you having had the permission of Yolna’s family, will show you why this family does not believe she killed herself.

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The video is graphic, showing Yolna hanging from a tree with her knees touching the ground. Orlando police never considered the fact that It appears as though Yolna may have been killed prior to being hung, and then had her neck placed around the rope to make it appear as if she had hanged herself.

Orlando police have claimed to have evidence that Yolna suffered from a history of mental illness and had cell phone communications. However, they have refused to provide an explanation to the damage done to Yolna’s car.

Naomi said that her sister was not suicidal and that Yolna was their mother’s caregiver.

Yolna’s family wants JUSTICE!

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