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Carlee Russell files an appeal after judge sentences her to six months in jail for fake KIDNAPPING


Word On The Curb…Carlee Russell has filed an appeal against a six-month jail sentence and a $17,974.88 restitution judgment for fabricating her own kidnapping in July.

25-year-old Carlee Russell

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How did Carlee Russell fake her own kidnapping?

On July 13, Russell called 911 and claimed that she saw a toddler walking in a diaper along Interstate 459 in Hoover, Alabama. However, the police disputed Russell’s claims, stating that they could not confirm her story. Police said she then called her brother’s girlfriend, who told them that she heard Russell scream before the call abruptly ended. 49 hours later, Russell resurfaced and told police that she was kidnapped by a man with orange hair who jumped out of a tree.

What did police charge Carlee Russell with?

In a July press conference, Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis announced two misdemeanor charges against Russell for falsely reporting to law enforcement and falsely reporting an incident. She faced a year in jail and a $6,000 fine.

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Was Carlee Russell found guilty for faking her own kidnapping?

On Wednesday, Russell appeared in court for the misdemeanor charges and was found guilty.

Judge Bishop found Russell guilty and sentenced her to a six-month jail sentence, a $831 fine, and $17,974.88 to coverthe resources expended by the police on her fabricated story.

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Russell’s attorney, Emory Anthony, told Judge Bishop that he did not believe Carlee should serve six months in jail and entered a notice of appeal. The appeal will move to the circuit court, resetting the case completely.

We will update this article with any additional information.

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  1. She should be grateful that 6mths is all she got if she dont go take that lil change and sit in her cell. This girl is a spoiled entitled liar. I wish she will tell us where she was hind out at for 49hrs to we can pack Chrisean and Jr up and set them over there for a few months.


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