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VIDEO: Ms. Holla’s granddaughter ChelleBelle admits she gambled all of the money away at the casino


Word On The Curb…ChelleBelle, the beggar whose real name is Michelle Williams and granddaughter of the infamous Ms. Holla, has finally spilled the tea on what really happened to all that cash from Ms. Holla’s devoted followers.

Remember Ms. Holla, the internet sensation whose uproarious videos took the online world by storm? Well, fans from far and wide showered her with money, but when it came time to lay her to rest last year, there was no dough left. Chelle, set up a GoFundMe and managed to raise a more than whopping $40,000 to give the social media maven a proper send-off.

Ms. Holla
Ms. Holla

However, the plot thickened as Ms. Holla’s supporters started questioning where all the funds had gone, leading to a storm of criticism aimed at Chelle. Despite her attempts to clear her name through various videos, everybody was asking, “Where the mf’n money at Chelle?”. 

But hold on, because our BeatMob street committee found that Chelle came clean about the money being frittered away in gambling last month before making her recent post begging for $1400 to get her daughter Mya a custom prom dress. While she didn’t explicitly admit it was Ms. Holla’s cash she gambled at the “Hard Rock”, the dots connect back to the beloved internet grandma.

“I can’t even put this whole monkey on Mya’s back,” Chelle said in the February video. “I procrastinated and waited a long time and stuff like that, so I’m going to take full blame for it. There’s no sense in me sitting up here whining about it.”

ChelleBelle, Ms. Holla’s granddaughter

In the following moments, Chelle attempted to gather some tears for her self-pity session over her inability to secure the bag for Mya’s prom dress.

“Y’all, I’m gonna say this…and I don’t care who’s gonna judge me or whatever the case may be…It wouldn’t have been noproblem to get Mya a dress custom-ly made but y’all know we had an addiction,” Chelle said.

Chelle said that she and her family were going to move forward and figure out a way for Mya to get to prom and do the best that they can as tears fell from her face. As Chelle continued crying, her partner in crime, Kendal, told her to turn the camera off, but she refused and invited more people to come in and listen to what she had to say.

“Y’all, please don’t gamble. I’m telling y’all, please, it’s terrible…it’s terrible… I don’t even want to joke about it no more,”Chelle told her viewers. “I don’t ever want to see a slot machine again…we made some pretty poor choices when it came to money, and now we just have to figure out a way to get on.”

It’s a dayum shame that they exploited Ms. Holla for financial gain, and now she’s broke as a joke!


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