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Ms. Holla’s granddaughter ChelleBelle dragged for begging followers for $1,400 for a dress for her daughter


Rumor has it that Ms. Holla’s granddaughter, the one and only ChelleBelle, also known as Michelle Williams, is back at it again with her hand out on social media.

It’s quite a shame that ChelleBelle is out here asking for money once more, claiming she had to swallow her pride before mustering up the courage to beg again. The audacity!

Ms. Holla's granddaughter, Michelle Williams aka ChelleBelle
Ms. Holla’s granddaughter, Michelle Williams aka ChelleBelle

She even had the nerve to acknowledge that she’d likely face backlash for her asking, but proceeded with her beggary anyway. For those unfamiliar with ChelleBelle, she is the granddaughter of the late Ms. Holla, a social media sensation known for her infectious personality and viral videos.

Fans used to flock to Ms. Holla’s live streams whenever Chelle allowed her grandmother to grace the internet, showering her with generous donations, including cash sent through the mail – all in the spirit of supporting Ms. Holla.

Ms. Holla
Ms. Holla

However, things took a turn when Ms. Holla pa*sed away, and Chelle took to social media to solicit funds from her grandmother’s loyal followers to cover the costs of her burial. This move raised eyebrows and sparked concern among fans, who have been questioning Chelle’s motives ever since. The burning question on everyone’s mind remains: “Where the money at Chelle?”

It’s hard to believe that the funds sent to Ms. Holla via Cash App, Facebook stars, and other means somehow vanished into thin air, especially considering the monthly bonuses Ms. Holla used to receive from Facebook that was in Chelle’s name.

ChelleBell beg followers for $1,400 to buy a prom dress for her daughter

In a recent post begging, Chelle mentioned that she needed $1,400 to buy Maya a prom dress. The seller required a $700 down payment to begin making the dress.

When a follower asked Chelle to show a picture of the dress Maya wanted, Chelle showed a photo of the dress from Promily marked on sale for from $356. However, followers and fans of Ms. Holla knew that ChelleBelle was trying to pull another scam.

Fans immediately started criticizing Chelle in her comments to the point that she went live on Facebook, screaming and hollering over being called out for her online begging again.

All the money Chelle made before, during, and after Ms. Holla’s death should total $1400 to buy Maya a prom dress or instead GO GET Y’ALL A*SES A JOB!

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