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South Carolina man paid a well-known tattoo artist to ink ‘Jesus’ on his back, but the artist ended up tattooing his own face instead.


Mark Anthony Smith says that Terry Willis, known as Tee Willis, a well-known tattoo artist from South Carolina, inked a portrait of himself on Smith’s back in 2010.

Mark Anthony Smith
Mark Anthony Smith

Word On The Curb…a well-known tattoo artist in South Carolina is being criticized by a man who wanted a picture of ‘Jesus’ tattooed on his back, but the artist decided to draw a picture of himself on the man’s back instead.

Ten years ago, Mark Anthony Smith stated that he contacted Terry Willis, also known as Tee Willis, from Beaufort, South Carolina, who was known for providing high-quality tattoos at affordable prices. He said he showed Willis the photo he wanted on his back.

“Mind you, I got this tattoo years…years ago,” Smith said. “I was in denial about this sh***t for years.”

Everybody told Mark Anthony Smith that the person of the tattoo on his back was Tee Willis and not the ‘Jesus’ face he showed Willis that he wanted

Tee Willis tattooed his own face on a client's back
Photo of Smith’s tattoo (Left) and photo of tattoo artist Tee Willis (Right)

Mark Anthony Smith told The North Carolina Beat that people would jokingly tease him about the back tattoo, claiming that it was a picture of Tee Willis himself and not the photo of Jesus.

“People kept saying to me, ‘Man, that ain’t Jesus, that’s Willis,’ and I was like, ‘Nah…nah, that’s not him,'” Smith said.

Six months ago, Smith said he started paying attention to the tattoo. He took a picture of the tattoo and thought to himself, “Willis got me.”

“I think buddy had got me, for real,” Smith said. “I went on his Facebook page and I looked at him and then looked at the tattoo…I was like ‘man, c’mon man.'”

Smith said he couldn’t believe how long he went without realizing that the tattoo on his back was actually a picture of Willis. He said that other people told him that Willis allegedly got them to0, including putting his signature underneath tattoos.

Tee Willis responded back to Mark Anthony Smith about the tattoo 

The Jesus photo Smith provided Tee Willis of the tatoo he wanted
Photo Smith showed Tee Willis that he wanted on his back.

After messaging Willis about the tattoo, Smith said that Willis claimed he had asked for a black Jesus with dreads like his own. Disputing Willis’ claims, Smith said he did not have dreadlocks in 2010 when he got the tattoo from Willis, and that he did not ask for a “black Jesus”

Smith said that on the day he got the tattoo, he looked at it, but it didn’t come to mind that it was Willis, plus he said he was young and happy to have his entire back tattooed. After the session, he said he paid Willis around $700, which Smith considered to be a low price for a full back tattoo.

Mark Anthony Smith's full back tattoo by Tee Willis
Mark Anthony Smith’s full back tattoo by Tee Willis.

Charlamagne tha God from The Breakfast Club said Terry Willis, known as Tee Willis gave him a tattoo when he was 17-years-old

Charlamagne, the ever-living goddess, has also received tattoo work from Willis. Back in March on The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne mentioned that when he was 17 years old and tattoos were illegal in South Carolina, Willis did his tattoo for him.

If you tattoo your face on another n***, you got problems my guy, Smith said.


  1. The Bible doesn’t give a full description of Jesus. But is does say that his hair was wool, arms and legs burnished bronze and eyes like flames of fire. The picture that they want us to believe is Jesus. That person eye’s doesn’t look like flames of fire, nor does his hair look wool like and most definitely his arms and legs doesn’t look burnished bronze. That’s all I’m saying. It’s true the man has wore the tattoo for years without saying anything about it. Everyone has seen the tattoo now. Just continue with your life like you had been doing.

  2. In the words of Judge Judy “You ate the steak!” Meaning you wore the tattoo this long with no problem and with more than 2mths without asking him to fix it not even after looking at it once he finished. Yes you got got my guy and you had no business trying/wanting to get “white jesus” tattooed on you.
    The bible does give a description of him but also say we cannot see him or touch him be we can feel HIS SPIRIT so there really is no face to tattoo but only to imagine what it could look like.
    Its too late complain. Pick ya lip up and find a new credible artist to cover it and dont do that again.


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