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Widespread ma*s looting in Philly breakout after judge dismiss charges against police officer who killed a driver


Widespread ma*s looting is occurring in Philadelphia following a judge’s decision to dismiss murder charges against a Philadelphia police officer who fatally shot a driver.

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The judge handed down his decision on Tuesday after reviewing a video of Eddie Irizarry being shot by Officer Mark Dial. Dial’s attorneys claim that he was acting in self-defense when he fired his weapon at close range through the rolled-up driver’s side window of the car Irizarry was driving during a traffic stop on August 14.

Philly officer Mark Dial

Dial shot Irizarry about seven seconds after he got out of a police SUV and walked over to his car, as shown in the video.He fired a total of six rounds. Dial’s partner, Michael Morris, claimed that Irizarry was driving erratically, turned the wrong way down a one-way street, and then stopped. Morris said that Irizarry had a knife in his hand and started to raise it as the officers approached.

Dial’s attorney, Brian McMonagle, told the court that his client was firing while trying to take cover, arguing that Dial feared for his life. He stated, “Every tragedy is not a crime.”

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Judge Wendy Pew agreed with McMonagle and dismissed the charges, stating that the murder charges should never have been filed against Dial.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Philly, expressing their anger and engaging in widespread looting throughout the city. The police were captured on video nearly beating a looter they caught.

Videos surfaced on social media Tuesday evening, captured by locals in Philly, that showed looters hitting several stores, including Lululemon, the Apple Store, a Foot Locker near the Liberty Bell, and many others. And word is, the looters aren’t finished.

One woman was captured on video at a liquor store, yelling, “Everyone must eat!”


Officials say 15-20 people have been arrested and two firearms have been recovered.

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