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Tamia Taylor found dead in the Mississippi River after being missing since September 9


The mother of 21-year-old Tamia Taylor has confirmed that her daughter was found dead in the Mississippi River over the weekend.

21-year-old Tamia

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Officials in Tennessee found a body on the West Memphis side of the river on Saturday. The body was then sent to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s Office in Little Rock for identification. Police at the time said that they could only say that the body was that of a Black woman. Taylor was last seen on September 9th on a Memphis Riverboat, celebrating her 21st birthday with three individuals she considered friends: Shanquilla Drake, Canesha Poole, and Kuandera Jenkins.

At the time of Taylor’s disappearance, her mother, Debra, stated that Taylor’s friends called her and informed her that Taylor was missing and had not boarded the boat. However, the police later confirmed that Taylor was indeed on the boat,and videos that surfaced online also showed Taylor on the boat.

On Tuesday, Debra Taylor, Tamia’s mother, confirmed to local Memphis outlets that the body found over the weekend was that of her daughter.

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One of the friends, Kuandera Jenkins, spoke to a local news outlet in an attempt to do damage control and dispel the rumors that were spreading rapidly. He wanted to address the speculation that he, Poole, and Drake had done something to Taylor.

No one has been labeled as a person of interest in Taylor’s death as of now, and it is unknown if there will ever be a person of interest or suspect in this case.

No further information has been released.

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  1. No aint no damn way them “friends” even the stud know what happened to her. I could have sworn that the owner of the boat company said there was a video of her as the boat docking. The fact that they lied and told her mom that she never even got on the boat was a big red flag in itself and still is. I dont see how they thought they thought they were going to get away with that lie when one of them were recording her dancing. I pray her family find a little bit of peace now that they at least have her body back to give her a proper home going. I hope her family plans on pushing this investigation hard so they can find out what really happened to her and her soul can rest.
    My deepest condolences to her family real friends and her babies.


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