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Raleigh police identify man killed on I-440 in ‘serious assault’, driver questioned but no charges filed


Robert Williams of Raleigh, North Carolina has been identified as the homicide victim killed in a ‘serious assault’ on I-440 on Sunday afternoon. The driver police were looking for was questioned but no charges yet filed against him.

The driver of a Nissan SUV involved in a “serious assault,” as labeled by Raleigh police, has been located and interviewed by detectives.

“Serious Assault” on I-440 leads to homicide investigation after Robert Williams of Raleigh van was found with bullet holes

Raleigh police reported that at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, they were investigating an incident on I-440 between Glenwood Avenue and Western Boulevard. Upon arrival, they found a white cargo van riddled with bullet holes.

Robert Williams was identified as the driver of the van who died, and his family told WRAL that he was a handyman leaving a job site when the incident that led to his death occurred.

Robert Williams
Robert Williams


Police are investigating Williams death as a homicide.

Police located the driver of the Nissan SUV shown on tv and social media

Police looking for this car
Police looking for this car

On Monday, the police were searching for the vehicle. On Tuesday, they located and spoke with the driver, but they did not file any charges against the driver. It is unclear why, and no information about it has been released.

Police are asking for any witnesses who have video footage or were in the area and saw the incident between 4 p.m. and 4:25 p.m. to come forward.

The investigation is ongoing.


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