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Bishop T.D. Jakes wife Serita Jakes catches the FAKE Holy Ghost since knee surgery


Bishop T.D. Jakes wife, first-Lady , Serita Jakes catches the fake holy ghost after having knee surgery in a recent church service.

Word down at the psychiatric ward…Bishop T.D. Jake, the pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, did not pay any attention to his wife’s fake holy-ghost acting, when she hopped out of her chair after a recent knee surgery and wanted us to believe that she felt the Holy Ghost as she shook and stumbled like a drunk across the Potter’s House pulpit.

Bishop T.D. Jakes and wife, Serita Jakes.
Bishop T.D. Jakes and wife, Serita Jakes.

They are trying to say that God performed a miracle on Serita Jakes when she started walking, or was it just that she needed a break from kneeling after all the time she spent on them rain knees sucking up the bishop? And for a minute, I thought shewas having a seizure. You just can’t take a woman seriously and call her a Woman of God when she can’t even tell her own daughter, Cora Jakes, to return a child who is not her biological son back to his biological mother, Michelle Loud.



Bishop T.D. Jakes wife, Serita Jakes, dragged on social media for fake shouting 

First Lady Serita Jakes
First Lady Serita Jakes

In the recent Sunday service, Bishop T.D. Jake preached a sermon about “Working Through Hard Places.” Although the video was streamed on his YouTube channel, the part of his wife acting foolishly was not included in that stream, even though it occurred on the same day. It’s unclear if the Potter’s house recieved backlash from how the first-lady was carrying on in the church service, and edited out.

Throughout the service, Serita is seen sitting in a chair with both feet propped on a white object, as she recently underwent knee surgery, according to online reports.

Serita Jakes

As she trembled and shook, gyrating like a drunk on her way back to her seat, she appeared exhausted from all the acting she had done.

Serita Jakes did NOTHING when Cora Jakes allegedly took Michelle Loud’s son away from her through what she said was deceptive practices 

In February of this year, I conducted an interview with Michelle Loud, during which she detailed how Cora Jakes utilizedthe court system to gain custody of her biological son.Not only that, but Michelle Loud stated that the same woman you saw shouting in the video above, Serita Jakes, along with her husband, did nothing to help her get her child back, despite allegedly knowing that their daughter was being deceptive in how she obtained custody.


    • Slow down? I am confused on what you are speaking about. The video is in the article. A lot of you’ll don’t read nor look. You’re the only person out of 17,000 people who have read this story asked for the link to the video. But I am glad you found it.


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