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North Carolina coach smiles in his mugshot after arrested for human trafficking a child among other charges


An Anson County coach has been charged and arrested for human trafficking and indecent liberties with a child. In the suspect’s mugshot, he was seen laughing about the charges.

The suspect is 30-year-old Jamoszio Burch, who is known as ‘Coach Moszi.’ The coach is charged with felony human trafficking of a child and two felony counts of indecent liberties with children. Burch is no stranger to the area as he is known for being a coach for the Carolina NC Jayhawks recreation league.

Jamoszio Burch,
Jamoszio Burch,

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Burch was also listed as a coach for Union Academy Charter School in Monroe, North Carolina. A statement from Union Academy Charter School said they were made aware of the “former assistant varsity baseball coach Jamoszio Burch in Anson County.” The school stated that Burch’s contract expired at the end of the recent basketball season and was not renewed.

“He is no longer affiliated with UA,” Union Academy Charter School said.

Jamoszio Burch accused of trafficking a child in 2022

According to court documents, the offenses charged occurred in 2022, when Burch allegedly transported a child under the age of 16 to be held in sexual servitude.

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told Queen City News that her son had kept these allegations to himselffor over two years.

“To know that my son held this from me for over two years…could you imagine how our children feel knowing that this guy is just getting away with it and laughing about it?” the parent said.

Other parents interviewed by Channel 9 expressed concerns about Coach Burch’s conduct, with one parent from the AAU Jayhawks team mentioning that they found his behavior inappropriate, including inviting players to his residence.

“My son said they are going to the bathroom to get iced down with coach so they can start tomorrow,” one mother told the outlet. “And coach [would] be in there a long time with them, at coach’s house.”

Two parents, who preferred not to disclose their identities, shared their belief that Burch specifically seeks out single mothers to act as a father figure to the children. Another parent, whose child attended Union Academy, mentioned that she had difficulty reaching Burch, but whenever her son called him, the coach would promptly answer the phone.

“I could never get in touch with [Burch], but if my son called him, he answered the phone instantly,” she told the outlet. “What coach doesn’t communicate with the parent but communicates with the child?”

One of the parents even told the outlet that her son mentioned they would be at Burch’s home and go to the bathroom “to get iced down with coach so they can start tomorrow.” She added that the coach would be in the bathroom with the kids for “a long time”.

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Burch was arrested on Thursday, March 14, and was placed in the Anson County Jail with a secured bond of $250,000. The sheriff’s office expects more charges to be filed.


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