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North Carolina ice cream shop owner of YoBrez arrested for indecent liberties with a child


Chileeeeeeeee…..Word On The Curb, a hole in the wall Ice Cream shop owner, Tyson Breon Williams, has been arrested for allegedly messing with little kids…and I can bet $20,000 that it was a little boy.

The same way this dude dug in that ice cream is the same way he probably was digging in this victim, and now his a*s has been caught like hot boiling water on live CRABS….yo a*s is going down.

Police in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, busted the struggling ice cream shop owner Thursday night around 8 pm at YoBrez-Frozen Dessert Bar, which Williams owns.

He also partners with Stacy Welsh at their Jacksonville location.

Breon Williams (LEFT), Stacy Welsh (RIGHT)

According to the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, 30-year-old Tyson Breon Williams was arrested and charged with indecent liberties with a child and second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.


Tyson Breon Williams

A screenshot of a post made by the alleged predator in 2022 want to make you believe he did what these charges say he did….

The North Carolina Beat has learned recently that in 2022, rumors had been circulating that Williams only had minors working for him, and they thought it was weird. So, in the post below, Williams addressed people asking him if he only hired teenagers.

And, I do. 14/15 years old to be exact!, Williams said in the post.

Then he went a little deeper to tell us the teenagers’ positions.

But isn’t it weird for a business to only have teenagers working for them, and the only adult in the store is Williams? That’s weird.

Williams then went to his gaslighting tactics claiming he “produce leaders and young adults of success!” Chileee, can’t no such ice cream man help you get anywhere but to jail and the free clinic for an HIV test.

The struggling ice cream man often professed to be a Christian and was at one point an armor bearer for the pastors of Free And Independent Apostolic Church, Apostle Keith K. Curry and Pastor Kisha Curry in Jacksonville, NC, who he also referred to as his parents, after disowning his biological mother.

Williams and his parents, Apostle Keith Curry & Pastor Kisha Curry at YoBrez opening & closing ceremony.
Williams and his parents, Apostle Keith Curry and Kisha Curry

I hate to say this, but I personally knew Mr. Williams, and I knew that he was gay and that he tricked, but I didn’t know that he messed with kids. But I hadn’t talked to Williams since 2021 when he threatened to call the police on me after a heated argument about his LYING!

Anyone that knows Williams KNOW that if he is BREATHING….his a*s is LYING!

I wonder what kind of lies he gon come up with to get out of this.

Williams has bonded out on a $30,000 secured bond.

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  1. This isn’t his only recent arrest. He was also charged with identity theft a few months ago. He has been in court with Stacy since then to dissolve their business partnership. He has been asking people he knows for money before being charged for that. I’m guessing he’s throwing all the money he can in his failing businesses and his shoes. Right as the identity theft charges came up. He started the partnership with someone to open the store in Carolina Beach. I doubt he told that partner about any of it. This lieng POS has got what he deserved. He treats everyone around like crap and thinks he’s God.

  2. Honestly, I’m glad he’s been outed. He treats other business owners like trash if he feels like they succeed more than him. I’m not going to say who I am but he’s never once been nice to me and I never did anything to warrant it. I’m glad people are talking about their stories. He is not who he claims to be online. Sometimes he would come into my business in the Jacksonville location plaza to bad mouth other businesses. Also there were tons of rumors about him being Gay and allegations about the way he treated the kids working for him. I strongly hope other victims come forward. I couldn’t believe he got nominated for best entrepreneur for 2022 given his bad attitude and his filthy ice cream shop. There is loads of mold in that place and I’ve never once seen him mop those floors. No one in the plaza would eat there because it was disgusting and unsanitary.

    • He just tried to blackmail me about who I’m talking to. Making up lies and how he gone ruin my partner life just because my partner didn’t want a relationship with him. After having a conversation with him he though we was gone have sex after he told me information about my partner

  3. First off, Do Not drag Mrs Welch down to the garbage of a persons level! She is a great person and friend with strong community ties and support. His actions are his alone!!!! I hope he rots under the jail house!! It is unfair to her to post her name and businesses in this article, she had no clue he was a pedophile! Anyone who knew him, knew he was gay, and is all she knew. Second, his lies about ownership in these businesses are all lies!! The Maysville store was Mrs Welch store with another partner, and legally named Yo’Brez II, so this horrible person could not steal from it. He was the sole owner of the Wilmington store. So please do NOT drag her name under the bus with his actions!!! He was a piece of garbage and treated his partners unjust, like the Jacksonville Mall Yo’Brez which failed! Though I definitely agree with your words against him, I find it unfair and unjust to publish Mrs Welch name and picture!!!!! My heart goes out to the family effected by this sorry excuse of a human being actions.

    • First let me start by saying thank you for covering this story because everyone else seems to want to remain silent. I called to the local news station to ask why they have yet to pick up the story and I was rudely informed they have no intention on covering the story unless there is an conviction. I also called to the local news paper ,Jacksonville Daily News and was transferred to a voicemail. This is mind blowing to me to say the least. This is something that the community needs to know about because of the amount of children he encounters day to day. I am new to Jacksonville and had a couple of encounters with Mr Tyson at a few business conferences around town. We talked about my son getting a summer job at one of his locations here in Jacksonville. His lack of ability to hold a conversation and maintain eye contact in those moments made my sprit very uneasy so I never took my son in to apply for the job. Thank God for that. I would love to see this story picked up on all of the media streams here in Jacksonville and maybe even a hotline set up for other victims that may be scared to come forward. Silence is a green house for evil to grow and spread. So if you know something say something. Once again thank you so much for covering this story and speaking out.

  4. This is so very sad and a a child who was molested I feel strongly for the victim. That said, this article is unprofessionally written . You are assuming things and your comments are assuming, lewd and disgusting. Where is your respect for the victim and parents?


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