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Mother leaps over expressway barrier onto train tracks as police arrive, leaving her 3-year-old twins dead in the backseat


Two three-year-old twins in Florida are dead after they were found unresponsive in the backseat of a car abandoned along an interstate. Their mother, 42 year-old, Shirlene Napoleon Alcime, attempted to commit suicide by jumping over the expressway onto the train tracks below.

Police identified the twins as 3-year-old Milendhet and Milendhere Napoleon-Cadet.

(Left) Milendhet and (Right) Milendhere Napoleon-Cadet
(Left) Milendhet and (Right) Milendhere Napoleon-Cadet

According to the Miami-Dade Police Department, around 2 a.m. on Friday, officers received a call from a passerby who reported finding two unresponsive children. When the officers arrived at the scene, Shirlene leaped over the expressway wall onto the railroad tracks below. The twin toddlers were taken to a local hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

Shirlene was transported to HCA Florida Aventura Hospital in critical condition.

The father of the children, Milson Caldet, told local media that the news had devastated him. He said on Thursday, he went to work at 5 a.m. and when he got home at 10:45, he did not see his wife or children at home. He said he went to the office, didn’t see her there, and started calling her.

Milson said that his wife never answered the phone. He said his wife does not have a mental illness and that they own a business in the Haitian community. He is bewildered by what happened.

Shirlene Napoleon Alcime
Shirlene Napoleon Alcime

“I went to work at 5 a.m. Thursday, I returned home at 10:45. I did not see the wife home. I did not see the children. I went to go check in the office. I did not see her in the office and I started calling. She never picked up the phone and I didn’t know what happened,” Milson said. “She is not someone who has mental problems. She is someone who works in the Haitian community. We have a business. I don’t know what happened.”

The mother has not been charged.


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