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Megan Thee Liar responds back to Tory Lanez bodyguard and driver sworn statement about shooting


If Megan Thee Stallion is breathing, she’s lying

Word On The Curb..Megan Thee Stallion, who still want us to believe that Daystar Peterson, professionally known as Tory Lanez, shot her on the night of July 12, 2020, after they left Kylie Jenner’s house, has responded to Tory’s driver and bodyguard Jaquan Smith’s sworn statement about what happened that night.

The rigged trial is being exposed, and Megan Pete, professionally known as Megan Thee Stallion, is shaking like the devil in his boots. She responded on Wednesday to a sworn affidavit submitted to the California Court of Appeals by Jaquan Smith, Tory’s personal bodyguard and driver.

Megan Thee Stallion
(Jemal Countess/GA)

In Jaquan’s statement, he mentioned several times that Megan had started the drama in the car that night after they left Kylie’s house. In his sworn statement, he mentioned that during a heated argument between Megan and Tory, Tory had threatened to tell Kelsey about their situation.

Tory Lanez bodyguard and driver, Jaquan Smith

Eventually, Tory revealed that he and Megan had been messing around, and Kelsey and Megan started fighting. After pulling over the car, Jaquan said that Kelsey and Megan continued to verbally and physically fight each other. While Jaquan broke up the fight by pulling Megan to the back of the vehicle, he and Tory tried to calm her down. Jaquan said that Kelsey brandished a gun.

Tory Lanez bodyguard says in a sworn affidavit that Kelsey Harris had gun in her hands when Megan Thee Stallion was shot

Tory reached Kelsey, and a struggle ensued as he attempted to disarm her, according to Jaquan’s statement. He said he was still holding Megan (Megan Thee Liar) back when the gun went off. Jaquan said he did not see who shot the gun, but he and Megan were fortunate to not have been harmed.

Daystar Peterson, professionally known as Tory Lanez
Daystar Peterson, professionally known as Tory Lanez

‘Kelsey didn’t shoot me’

In a video on Wednesday, she went online to tell lies once again. She wanted to discuss Jaquan’s sworn statement, which has been inundating her phone. In the video, she wanted to know why Tory didn’t testify in court that Kelsey shot her.

But she didn’t want to talk about telling officers, who pulled them over the night of the shooting, that Tory shot her instead of lying and saying that she was cut by glass.

If Tory had really shot Megan, she would have told the truth from the beginning instead of changing her story multiple times.

“Y’all want to pretend that Kelsey shot me…Kelsey didn’t motherf***ing shoot me,” Megan said in her video.

Megan said that Kelsey’s issue with her was that she didn’t tell the world that Kelsey didn’t shoot her.

“Her main problem with me was, ‘you won’t tell people I didn’t shoot you’. I was like Kelsey I don’t want to talk about this on social media at all,” Megan said.

Then Megan accused Kelsey of either taking money or being in danger of her “life is in danger.” Then she redirected her question to Tory, asking why he didn’t testify that Kelsey shot her instead of him.

Kelsey Harris, former assistant and best friend to Megan Pete, professionally known as Megan Thee Stallion
Kelsey Harris, former assistant and best friend to Megan Pete, professionally known as Megan Thee Stallion

“If you saying you didn’t shoot me, why won’t you get on the stand say I didn’t shoot this b***h?, Megan asked.

She then accused Tory of manipulating blogs and his friends to claim he didn’t shoot her, despite no evidence that Tory paid any blogs to post his innocence in the media. We kind of figured he was innocent from the beginning of Megan’s lies.

“You should have said ‘I didn’t do it, Kelsey did it’. I know who shot me. I said who shot me. And that’s why the f**k you in jail, Megan continued.

The North Carolina Beat is also working on a story to demonstrate how Tory Lanez was framed during his trial by the prosecutors and the judge.



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