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A What? Is the new ‘smart gun’ a way to control mass shootings in America?


Chileeeeeeeee….they done came up with a ‘smart gun,’ and at first, I was like, ‘umm, okay,’ but then when I read a little more about it, I was like… well….

Thursday, a new gun from Biofire hit the market, the “smart gun,” and it is said to come with a life-saving fingerprint unlocking system that will prevent “unauthorized” people such as kids and strangers from firing it.

The gun is 9mm, and it locks out everybody except the weapon’s owner, and they have to be specifically approved to access the gun.

The gun is $1,499. It unlocks in less than a second using fingerprints or a facial recognition sensor that will quickly unlock it and lock it back when it’s no longer in use.


Many experts say the gun could help prevent everything from school shootings to accidents and suicides…but you all know this is just one gun out of millions.

The Colorado-based firm’s CEO, Kai Kloepfer, said they are not claiming that the gun will prevent every firearm misuse but can help prevent suicides, accidents, and injuries.

 We’re not claiming that the Biofire Smart Gun is going to prevent every instance of firearm misuse. But we do believe this tool can help prevent some firearm suicides, accidents, and injuries from occurring,” Kloepfer said.”If our work saves even one child’s life, it will be worth it.

Kloepfer said he was inspired to create the firearm after 12 people were killed during the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” screening in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012.

Experts helped Kloepfer create the firearm, including former members of the military.

This Smart Gun was designed specifically for real gun owners who want a quality home-defense firearm that cannot be used by children or criminals,” said Mike Corbett, a BioFire advisor and former member of SEAL Team 6. “In a few years, I believe that the head of every household in America who wants a home-defense firearm is going to choose this Smart Gun.

The ‘smart gun’ has no delay and it fires like a regular gun.

The Smart Gun shoots like a gun — there’s no delay. If it weren’t for the futuristic look, you wouldn’t know that it isn’t just a regular mechanical pistol,” said Ian McCollum, the firearm technical expert who tested out the weapon.

Are y’all here for the new ‘smart gun’?

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  1. I’m here for it but what they need to do is change the laws on defending your family against home invasions and robberies. They are charging people with murder and assault for protecting themselves in their homes and in their property.


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