Monday, July 15, 2024

Johnson Family Barbecue in Durham closes PERMANENTLY after racist rant, begging for money on GoFundMe


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Johnson Family Barbecue located at 5021 Wake Forest Hwy in Durham, North Carolina has permanently closed.

The closing comes after the sleazebag owner Wayne Johson called Black customers in Durham, “N****r Cunts”, told them he didn’t need their money and to “Suck His D**k”.

Now, the struggling owner who once claimed to have as much as $500 million dollars (Couldn’t Find The Screenshot)  is on GoFundMe asking for the public’s help in reopening the business claiming that they’ve been affected by COVID-19. (STOP THE LYING)

We know that it wasn’t the barbecue that kept this business open. It was the Black Patronizing Customers. And now that the BULL CITY has packed they shit up and left, they MAD!

Now, we all know that Wayne Johnson is NOT at all worthy to take a dog to the dog pound let alone be able to open up another business in Durham under his name, so we might as well be prepared for an ALIAS.

What do you’ll think about this?


Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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