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Florida couple arrested for beating kids with electrical cable for coloring and drawing, school found out about abuse


A couple in Florida was arrested this week after police said they repeatedly beat and whipped their two young children with electrical cords while they were at home during the Thanksgiving break.

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The two mothers, Ashanti and Janice Young, aged 43 and 46, were arrested on Thursday and charged with two counts each of aggravated child abuse. This came after a gym teacher at the children’s elementary school noticed severe injuries suffered by the women’s 7-year-old son, as stated in court records.

Ashanti and Janice Young

According to reports, the Youngs’ son and his 8-year-old sister returned to school after Thanksgiving break. When the 7-year-old went to his physical education class, the boy refused to take off his jacket. He whispered to his teacher and told her that his mother had instructed him not to remove the jacket.

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The interaction was reported to the school counselor. The school nurse then examined the 7-year-old and discovered that he had fresh cuts on his arms. The boy’s sister informed school officials that their mother would discipline them by using an electrical cable to beat them.

The recent whooping was for misbehaving by coloring and drawing.

According to police notes, “During Thanksgiving break from school, the 8-year-old girl misbehaved by coloring and drawing.” “Her second mother, Janice Young, allegedly beat her with a white electrical cable against the back of her thighs,” the child reportedly told the police. “The 8-year-old had trouble sitting down because the back of her legs hurt.” 

Both children showed authorities the severity of the injuries allegedly suffered at the hands of their mothers.

“[The girl] had multiple linear scars on her back and arms.”There were freshly scabbed, sharply rounded C-shaped welts on the back of her legs, and she repeated she received these injuries at the hands of Janice,” police reportedly wrote.

Her younger brother eventually spoke to authorities and provided similar accounts of what had allegedly occurred.

“Janice had beat him with a white extension cord for coloring in one of his books,” police reportedly wrote. “Janice put a sock on his arm and told him not to remove it.”She also told him not to remove his jacket and show anyone his injured arm.”

When the police interviewed the parents about how their children sustained the injuries, both women claimed that the siblings had been hitting each other.

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They were booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Janice Young was held on a $15,000 bond, whileAshanti Young was held on a $10,000 bond, according to records.

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  1. They are a stain on the motherly community a disgrace to brown mothers and disrespectful to the female gender. Im going to be honest I do question God about how and why he blessed these type of females to reproduce and cursed the women who not only would but have shown that they would and can be great loving nurturing mothers such as myself.
    Yes we are all given a choice but if God knows the thoughts and intentions of all before they ever become our own then he knew who would abuse and kill children so why bless them with his most prized possessions?


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