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Raleigh high school deadly stabbing suspect grandmother Cynthia McLaughlin arrested for terrorizing kids with pistol


TyQuan General Jr. grandmother arrested for terrorizing teenagers with a pistol in Raleigh, North Carolina

Word On The Curb…another ratchet ghetto family member related to 14-year-old accused ‘killer’ TyQuan General Jr. from Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, has been arrested and charged for brandishing a pistol at teenagers.

PHOTO: 14-year-old TyQuan General Jr charged with murder of 15-year-old at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School

The 54-year-old grandmother, Cynthia McLaughlin, who was wearing a funeral hair-bun, was arrested on Monday by the Durham County Sheriff’s Office. She has been charged with assault by pointing a gun, carrying a concealed gun, and going armed to terror of people.

Cynthia McLaughlin

In her mugshot, McLaughlin had the same hair bun she wore during a fight on November 17, 2023. During the altercation, her granddaughter was being attacked before her daughter, TyQuan’s mother, Cherelle Tiera McLaughlin, intervened and assaulted the teenagers.

Cynthia McLaughlin (Mugshot) Durham County, North Carolina.
Cynthia McLaughlin (Mugshot)

Although the teens did get their lick back on Cherelle, she was still charged in the incident because as an adult, she should not have involved herself in fights between children.

A day after TyQuan was arrested for allegedly stabbing two students, killing one, Cherelle was also arrested. She was charged with multiple assault charges and false imprisonment.

The North Carolina Beat spoke with a family who informed us that Cherelle would take her two daughters and son, TyQuan, to engage in fights with other kids in Raleigh whom they had conflicts with. (Click HERE if you missed theinterview.)

‘WATCH INTERVIEW’: Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School murder suspect fought girls, while his mother is accused of fighting minors and taking his sisters to fights

In a video received by The North Carolina Beat a week ago, Cherelle can be seen wearing a blue shirt and holding a phone in her hands while her daughter is getting beat up. Before long, Cherelle is seen grabbing one of the teenager’s shirts.

Cherelle can then be seen fully involved in a fight with a few teenagers.

A few seconds later, Cynthia McLaughlin approaches the camera wearing all black, including a black jacket. She isholding a purse with a gun in her hand and yells, “BACK THE f**k UP.” She then walks around as the fights are happening, terrorizing the teenagers and pointing the gun at them.


Cynthia was given a $2,500 secured bond and later posted it.

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  1. This further proves the statements given that this family is a violent menace to the community and society all together. Three/four generations of one immediate family facing felony criminal charges for violent acts towards minors. Whatever housing assistance Cherrell has will soon be terminated and hopefully her landlord will evict her for her behavior but she wont have to worry about being homeless because she will be incarcerated. As for Madea wanna be I hope she owns her home or she will soon be evicted for the violent criminal behavior as well. The remaining free minors will be right where they need to be in the custody of dhs and hopefully sent to a boot camp.


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