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Diddy allegedly forced Cassie to get breast implants then demanded a redo the next day, despite health risk


Diddy allegedly forced Cassie to get breast implants then demanded a redo the next day, despite health risk

Diddy may have resolved the legal dispute with Cassie, but accusations against him continues.

‘I’ll just pay her off’: Cassie and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs come to settlement after she filed EXPLOSIVE lawsuit

Word On The Curb…according to an informant who purportedly witnessed firsthand the challenges Cassie faced during her decade-long relationship with Diddy, the 54-year-old controlling and abusive behavior.

The source spoke exclusively with TheDailyMail and alleged that Diddy had complete authority over all aspects of Cassie’s life, including her physical appearance, and even coerced her into undergoing breast implant surgery. It was reported that in 2009, Diddy consulted with renowned surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan regarding his desired alterations to Cassie’s physique.

Shortly after Diddy’s consultation with Dr. Ryan, Cassie underwent the procedure at a medical facility. Allegedly, the surgery was successful, but Diddy expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome.

Supposedly, just one day after Cassie received the implants, Diddy insisted on their removal. The informant claimed that Dr. Ryan, who passed away in 2010, advised Diddy to reconsider, emphasizing that such an invasive surgery required a minimum of 6 months for recovery. However, the witness asserted that Diddy remained resolute in his demand, despite the risks outlined by Dr. Ryan.

The informant further alleged that Dr. Ryan eventually acquiesced and agreed to hastily assemble the necessary supplies and team for an expedited follow-up procedure. Reportedly, Cassie underwent the subsequent surgery within a week.

These assertions appear to align with the allegations outlined in Cassie’s lawsuit against her former partner. As previously reported, in her lawsuit, which was settled a day after its filing, Cassie accused Diddy of subjecting her to years of physical abuse, sex trafficking, and other offenses. She also claimed that he unlawfully entered her residence and sexually assaulted her in 2018.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs sued for $30 million after former partner accuse him of rape, abuse, and forcing her to have sex with male prostitutes

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  1. Im not going to speak on the SA or other stuff but as far as the implants situation you cannot force anyone to make alterations to their bodies. You can request yell protest and demand but at the end of the day they still have to consent to it and if they do they are doing so to keep that person from leaving them. She wanted to be with him so bad that she did whatever he asked/demanded of her so he would not leave. She did whatever until she was tired of it and left. I do not doubt that there was abuse but again Im not speaking on that. But the implants and whatever other work he requested/demanded for her to get she agreed to in order to please him and keep him from leaving.
    We have all gone against our morals standards and/or what we believe a time or two and done things we would not normally do to please the person we are in a relationship that we thought we really were in love with. It may not have been as extreme as bodily alterations but we still did it.


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