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Brunswick County NC Sheriff John Ingram LIES about deceased man’s court record in press conference


A North Carolina sheriff who is not at all worthy to take a dog to the dog pound, let alone sit in a high position and call himself a sheriff, is being exposed for lying about Tyrance Drequan Benbow court records. 

Sheriff John Ingram’s motive was to stand in front of tv cameras and slander now deceased Benbow, making false statements that Benbow was some sort of cocaine drug trafficker in an attempt to make the public believe that his office was not involved in some kind of foul play WE THE PEOPLE believe they are involved in as a result of his untimely death on Friday night. 

The comments made by Sheriff Ingram were shocking to watch but were expected, especially when you’re trying to cover-up potential crimes that may have been committed by your deputies.

In the press conference, Sheriff Ingram says that his office had been investigating Benbow and associates over the “past several months” who had been bringing in “large amounts of crack cocaine into our community and distributing them throughout the community.” He then goes on to say that his office has made a “number of buys from Benbow and his associates regarding this prior to this date.”

But Sheriff Ingram’s false claims are not backed up nor supported by court records obtained by The North Carolina Beat

As the press conference continued, Sheriff Ingram told reporters that it was important to know that “over the past several months and past couple of years, our drug unit has had a number of encounters with Mr. Benbow. We have arrested him a number of times for various charges, drug charges, and felony charges.”

Sheriff Ingram claims about Mr. Benbow was false and deceiving, with nothing to support them.


In Benbow’s court records which are public records in North Carolina, it is very important to know that as much as Sheriff Ingram said they have made a “number of buys” from Benbow and that he had been bringing in “large amounts of crack cocaine into our community and distributing them throughout our community”, his criminal record does now support or add validity to the sheriff’s outrageous refutable claims.

To add insult to injury to the claims made by Sheriff Ingram about Benbow, court records show that Tyrance Drequan Benbow only had one cocaine charge, which was dismissed in 2020 by Brunswick County DA’S. 


As you can see, Benbow was charged with PWIMSD Cocaine (Possession of a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver), which is what Sheriff Ingram was falsely claiming Benbow was doing but that charge was Dismissed Without Leave By DA, which means the district attorney dismissed the charge against Benbow and they cannot be brought back against him. In Benbow’s case, the charges were dismissed due to lack/no evidence.

So, was Sheriff Ingram being honest about Benbow? No, he was not. It was again, as I said earlier, an attempt to cover-up their potential wrongdoing resulting in his death.

Also, after they arrested him for the aforementioned charge, they illegally seized his cell phone but a judge ordered they return it back to him. You know why they took that, right? They wanted to go through it without a warrant and see what they could find.


In a May 2020 frivolous arrest, Benbow was charged with two counts of PWISD Marijuana, but the DA also dismissed those charges.



In January 2022, Benbow was initially charged with PWIMSD Marijuana, which is a felony. He was also charged with Maintn Veh/Dwell/Place CS (F) and Resisting Public Officer, in which those two charges were dismissed yet again by the DA

On the Felony PWIMSD Marijuana charge, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office gave Benbow that charge because they thought it would stick, but a DA handed Benbow a simple possession of marijuana charge because there simply was no evidence that he was manufacturing, selling, or delivering marijuana. But that’s how Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office tried to set him up.


Two weeks ago, Benbow went out for a friend’s birthday party, but on his way home, the KKKOPS at the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office pulled him over. Guess for what? NOTHING! 

In the video below, you will hear “Duke” saying “Find Something” as police walked a K-9 dog around his vehicle. Of course, the police did not find anything and let him be on his way. And if you’ve had a “number of buys” from Benbow, then why didn’t you arrest him the night of the video below? 


The lies of Sheriff Ingram did not cease about Benbow, they continued. Another lie the sheriff spewed out his disgruntling mouth was that “we have had nothing but very positive interactions with him even when he was involved in this criminal activity.” 

Will Sheriff Ingram ever explain these pictures below? What’s positive about busting the lip of someone you’ve “had nothing but very positive interactions with”? 


Again and again, Sheriff Ingram does nothing but lie. Because that’s who he is and what he will always be. No matter how many mindless people support him, it won’t stop him from always being a threat to the truth.

Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office could never catch Benbow with what they THOUGHT he had, so they harassed him. 

To sum it all up, Benbow has only been charged and convicted with possession of marijuana, which is far from the picture Sheriff Ingram painted of him Monday

Benbow’s mother, Becky Laselle, still hasn’t been able to see her son.

If it makes it easier for authorities in Brunswick County, then show Benbow’s mother the dash-cam footage and body-cam footage privately. If what y’all are saying is what happened, then show her the tapes!


  1. They did this to me in 2012, they were already searching my vehicle without my consent but ran the dog around my car and said “The drug dog hit on your car, now we can search your car, I said you have already been searching my car. When I pulled over I got out of my vehicle and locked my door, so they had to dig in my pants pocket to get into the car. They popped the trunk and the drug dog jumped on top of my bag of dog food. Clearly the dog was hungry. That was the beginning of my decade long assault by the Brunswick county sheriff’s department. I’ve almost been killed by them countless times, or they locked me up and poisoned me. I’ve been labeled by them as the most dangerous woman in the world, all of that bullshit to justify training their officers at the tune of 300,000.00 a officer per year. They train them to “Kill us all” it doesn’t matter who, just do! They are trained by a man named Dan Grossman, he calls his seminars KILLOLOGY. HE TELLS THEM THAT THE BEST SEX THEY WILL EVER HAVE IN THEIR LIFE WILL BE AFTER THEY HAVE KILLED SOMEBODY!!!

  2. I can prove even more corruption with that evil a*s man and his deputies. Please please please reach out!!!!!!!!


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