Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Bishop Lamar Whitehead sues Tasha K for $360 million


A self-proclaimed New York Bishop charged with federal crimes has filed a more than $360 million lawsuit against Latasha Transrina Kebe, aka Tasha K from Tasha K Live.

Tasha K

Tasha K can’t catch a break because every time she turns around, somebody wants to sue her for the words that are coming out of her mouth. At this point, these lawsuits must be for publicity stunts because Tasha K is broke. And she done told y’all that. And on top of that, her recent bankruptcy filing shields her from any pending civil matters for now.

In 2011, Tasha K filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Maryland

In the new lawsuit filed on June 7, 2023, brought by Lamor Whitehead, he alleges that in May 2023, Tasha K and her company, Yelen Entertainment, published a video online about his mansion purchase. In the complaint, Whitehead said Tasha K alleged that he purchased his two-million-dollar mansion “with only ten dollars in the bank.” Whitehead said Tasha K’s statement was false.

Lamor Whitehead

Whitehead alleged that Tasha K claimed that rapper Foxy Brown was his “connect and has been helping him with his so-called credit card fraud.” In the complaint, Whitehead said Tasha K continued and made false statements alleging that Foxy Brown gave him the signals to make the fraudulent moves. Whitehead said Tasha K’s statement was false.

Another allegation Whitehead alleged was that Tasha K made false statements regarding a church purchase. Tasha K alleged that Whitehead knew the church’s owners at the time of the purchase. She claimed the owners needed the church refinanced but didn’t have the credit, so Whitehead told the owners to transfer the deed into his name- and he would do it.

During the process, Tasha K alleged that Whitehead evicted the owners from the property after the deed was signed over. Whitehead said Tasha K also alleged that the feds were about to GAG him and that his assets were frozen. Whitehead said Tasha K’s statement was false.

Whitehead also alleges that Tasha K lied when she claimed he tried to use her to intimidate a witness in one of his criminal cases.

Whitehead is seeking $20,000,000 each in (actual damages) on Defamation, Slander, and Right of Privacy counts. He also seeks $100,000,000 each in (punitive or exemplary damages) for those same counts. 


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  1. This has to be for attention because no one is talking about him anymore. Tasha is not the only one who has said these same things and Larry Reid has said worse.


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