Wife of Greenville NC pastor who sent penis picture to another man is allegedly having an affair with another married pastor

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This is the case of, “oh, you sent another man a picture of yo dick”? Chileeeeeee.

It seems like the Lord’s house is the new bathhouses and adult library, and I ain’t talking about “Silent Library.” Oops! Since the men pastors want to mess around with men and women, it appears that the first ladies are trying to step out and get them a little dick every now and again with men other than their hussssbandddsss.

I was at home minding my own business, watching PUSSY Valley, when I got a message about Pastor Rashad Cobb’s wife, Lady Nicole Cobb of Greenville, NC, and Pastor Michael Reid of Goldsboro, NC, having an affair with each other on their spouses.

The source told me that Lady Cobb had been cheating on her husband, Pastor Rashad, with Pastor Michael Reid. Chileeeeeee, it’s a mess!

Pastor Michael Reid is the pastor of Pearsall Chapel United Holy Church located in Kenansville, North Carolina, and is married to Peggy Reid.

First lady Peggy Reid and Pastor Michael Reid.

The couple got married in March 2017, and people are said to have called Lady Peggy ‘crazy’ for marrying a sleazebag like Pastor Michael. According to a few people, no one wanted the two to get married, although some had other reasons, many said that it was because Pastor Michael was nothing more than a $2 pimp and a womanizer. But he swears up and down that he loves his wife, Peggy, but when she indeed finds out what he’s been doing behind her back, will she pack her bags and run for the hills, or will she be a fool like Pastor John Gray’s wife, Aventer and stay?

An anonymous person who said Pastor Michael Reid goes to Goldsboro Family YMCA nearly every day was in the sauna one day while they were in there. The person said they heard a conversation between Pastor Michael and his wife, Lady Peggy, about her asking him to bring her some food home. The person said Lady Peggy sent a $50 Cash App to Pastor Reid and asked him if he could get her something to eat because she had a long day at work. According to the anonymous person, Pastor Michael said to responded, “hell no, you could have stopped to get you something on your way back from work.”

That’s sad that a woman has to send her so-called husband money to buy her some food, and he still disrespected you and said, hell nawl, to the nawl, nawl, nawl.

Word On The Curb is that Lady Cobb was highly upset that her husband, Pastor Rashad, had sent another man a picture of his one-inch dick, and she needed a dick she could stand firm on, be immovable, and always abounding. Hence, that’s why she called Pastor Michael..ALLEGEDLY!

Pastor Rashad is the pastor of Faith Hope Temple United Holy Church, located in HookertonNorth Carolina. He and his concubine have been married since May 2019, but the way they have been showing out in these SKREETS shows, they don’t really love each other.

In June, Pastor Rashad told The North Carolina Beat that he and his wife had been having problems in their marriage and that his wife was terrible in bed, which was why he sent a picture of his dick to another man. Pastor Rashad said the man he sent his dick picture to had stated that he could help with his sex life…

If you don’t remember that story about Pastor Cobb sending another man a picture of his dick, click HERE.

The marital problems the two have been having could be a reason Lady Cobb decided to step in the name of love with Lady Peggy Reid’s husband, Michael.

If I were Lady Reid, I would take that gold tooth out of my mouth, pawn it at the nearest pawn shop, pack my shit, and be gone.

The photo below is a picture of Lady Cobb and Pastor Michael Reid. The person who wants to remain anonymous said that the photo was posted on an Instagram account, “close friends.”

In the photo, you can see Pastor Reid all up and close on Lady Cobb just like a man would be with his wife, and sadly it’s not his wife, Lady Peggy. It’s pastor Rashad’s wife.


Lady Nicole Cobb & Pastor Michael Reid

In the photo, Lady Cobb looks very happy, and she seems like she wants all you haterwhoras to know that she is living her best life behind her husband’s back with another woman’s man. And, of course, Pastor Reid is doing the same. It seems like they wouldn’t have gotten caught had Pastor Reid FIXED his face a little bit, but the Bible says your sin will FIND you out.

And I honestly think Pastor Rashad Cobb and Lady Peggy Reid are too ugly to keep their spouses from stepping out on them…IJS! 

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Throw the whole mfuckinnn church away. Now he do look like he fucking her fromt the front and the bike

You Can't Afford To Miss A Story On The NCBEAT!

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