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Students at Silverdale Elementary School in Onslow Co. N.C. exposed to COVID-19, school refuse to close


If you are the parent of a child at Silverdale Elementary School in Onslow County, North Carolina, your child may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Officials at Silverdale Elementary School has failed to notify parents about their children being exposed to COVID-19, only calling the parents of those whose child may have been in direct contact with someone who has contracted it.

Time and time again, we’ve learned about COVID-19, and we do know that you can have the virus and spread it without knowing you have it, even without symptoms, according to the CDC.

Brooke Culp, who has two children who attend Silverdale Elementary School, one in the 2nd and the other in the 3rd grade, said she received a phone call from the school Monday about her two children being 6ft of someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Culp said the school told her that she needed to immediately pick up her children but was unable to because she was out of town. After arriving 45 minutes later, Culp said her children both were still in class with other students and their teacher.

How is it that if Culp’s children were exposed and at risk of infecting others, how is the whole school not closed down and quarantined?

Culp said about 15 other parents were at the school to pick up their children as well.

A lot of staff members up front did not know why parents were showing up at the school to pick up their child, according to Culp.

Culp said she needed a letter for her job because the school was not providing one and that she now has to quarantine.

In the letter, Silverdale Elementary School Principal, Michelle R. Padgett wrote in the letter that Mrs. Culp had to pick up her “students on November 9th, 2020 related to COVID-19 exposure.”


The school offered Culp a MiFi box for internet access for her children’s 2-week quarantine at home.

This school needs to be shut down for at least two weeks and sanitized, and Onslow County Schools need to alert parents about the COVID-19 outbreak at the school.

It seems like the school system is trying to keep student’s exposure to COVID-19 on the hush.



  1. Yep, its a piece of the story and not the WHOLE story. The school is following guidelines set by the CDC, among others. And they’re keeping private information PRIVATE. IF a child was in danger, their parent would have been notified. Last time I checked, they weren’t in the business of endangering the kids, but if anyone thinks so then maybe they should be put in the virtual school? They have been nothing but careful. ??‍♀️

    • School nurse still has not reached out to families of those affected- it’s not about exposure and guildlines. They straight up refuse to communicate. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you or your children. ??‍♀️ There has been plenty of time to reach out and get things straightened out but they have refused to do so. Accountability is at an all time low and I truly feel bad you lack any type of integrity.

      • I’m so happy you know about my integrity. ? I seriously don’t believe that they haven’t reached out to affected individuals, seeing as lots of people have been notified. Everything that I have experienced (you aren’t the only one who was there!) has been them communicating non-stop. The point is that a lot of this is based on what people think and feel, and not what they know. I truly feel badly that you lack any common sense. How about trying to see things from all sides instead of one? They are following everything they are supposed to, based on facts from reliable resources. If you aren’t the CDC, then maybe stay in your lane. And if you’re worried then you’re always able to pull your child out of the school.

  2. One persons narrative? Honey I WATCHED IT WITH MY OWN EYES I WAS LITERALLY RIGHT THERE WATCHING “infected children/risk of being infected” running around with everybody else and their teachers! NOT QUARANTINED AWAY FROM OTHERS.

  3. I am confused as to why my comments are being deleted. At any rate, I wish that the whole story was being told instead of one person’s narrative.

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