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Pregnant woman with cigarette among other women, was trespassed from Wal-Mart for reportedly coaching kids to steal


Word On The Curb…a soon-to-be mom was caught red-handed on June 9, outside the Wal-Mart in Goldsboro, North Carolina, puffing on a cigarette. But that’s not even the juiciest part – apparently, she and a group of four other women were allegedly coaching kids to swipe items and stash them in their purses, according to Goldsboro & Wayne County, NC Breaking Scanner News.

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The scene was straight out of a movie – a heavily pregnant lady, looking like she could pop any minute, loitering outside the Wal-Mart on Highway 70 in Rosewood. Goldsboro Police were quick to respond to a call about a theft in progress. The caller spilled the tea, claiming that a gang of five females were orchestrating this purse-stuffing operation with the kids.


According to reports, chaos ensued as the women tried to make a run for it, even threatening to throw down with the store staff. The drama escalated as they bolted out a side door, hurling threats left and right. But the law wasn’t having any of it – Goldsboro’s finest swooped in, located the suspects’ getaway car, and confronted the women at the Rosewood Shopping Plaza.

In the end, the ladies were trespassed from Wal-Mart.


  1. Smoking while pregnant should be a crime just like doing drugs and drinking while pregnant. If smoking weed while pregnant is criminal tobacco should be too.


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