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Police officer pleads guilty after forcing man to lick pee off floor of a holding cell, faces up to a year in jail


A former police officer confessed in federal court last Thursday to coercing an individual to lick urine off the floor of a holding cell. The individual in question is Michael Christian Green, aged 26, who repeatedly ordered the victim to “lick it up” and instructed them to “go suck it up right now.” Green has been charged by federal prosecutors with deprivation of civil rights under color of law.

Michael Christian Green
Michael Christian Green, a former officer with the Pearl Police Department, awaits sentencing on a federal deprivation of civil rights charge stemming from him making a jailed man lick urine from a holding cell floor. (Associated Press)

The incident occurred in Pearl, Mississippi, and city officials stated that Green’s actions do not align with the values and standards of the Pearl Police Department.

Sam’s club arrest leads man to licking pee off the floor, forced by a Pearl, Mississippi cop

On December 23, 2023, it was reported by prosecutors that former officer Green was sent to a Sam’s Club located at 90 Bass Pro Drive. Upon arrival, he apprehended an individual, brought him to the police station, and placed him in a holding cell. Surveillance footage from the jail revealed that the man attempted to alert Green about his need to use the restroom.

When no action was taken, the man resorted to urinating in a corner of the holding cell. Green later discovered the incident upon taking the man to the booking area.

Former cop Michael Christian Green threatened to beat man with a phone after learning about the man peeing

Michael Christian Green
Michael Christian Green

Green was informed about the incident of the man urinating after he picked up the phone in the booking area, as stated in court records. Shortly after, Green allegedly threatened to physically harm the man using the phone.

“Let me tell you somethin’. You see this phone? I will beat your f—— a*s with it. You’re fixin’ to go in there and you’re gonna lick that piss up. Do you understand me?”

Green guided the man to the holding cell and began recording the incident on his phone. According to court records, Green insisted that the victim lick up the urine from the floor, despite the man gagging multiple times.

Following the report of the incident on December 24, the city promptly initiated an internal investigation. Just three days later, Green chose to resign from his position as a police officer. Mayor Jake Windham stated during a press briefing that had Green not resigned, he would have been terminated immediately.

Green is set to be sentenced on June 12 and could potentially receive a prison term of up to one year.


  1. It seems as if these Mississippi police are known for this type of violence . As I’m sure you know of the four police officers who were recently sentence to 17-40 years for beating two black men . They called themselves the GOON SQUAD and now they need to find the BLACK SQUAD in prison and meet their maker


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