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Mississippi pastor fired after chaos erupts during meeting to vote him out for sleeping with multiple women and getting one pregnant


Rickey Scott has been fired as the pastor of East St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church in Abbeville, Mississippi, after being discovered engaging in sexual relationships with multiple women in the church. It is alleged that a woman who attends the church is currently pregnant with his child.

Pastor Rickey Scott and his wife, First Lady Sharon Scott.
Pastor Rickey Scott and his wife, First Lady Sharon Scott

Word On The Curb…A married Mississippi pastor who was elected to lead East St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church members to heaven has been fired by the deacon board after he was caught taking some of his church members to pound town.

All hell broke loose recently between the saints and the sinners, leading the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office intervening to attempt to remove Pastor Rickey Scott Sr., who is married to Sharon Scott, after the church tried to put him out for sleeping with women in the congregation. Despite his infidelity, Sharon continues to stand by her cheating husband.

Pastor Rickey Scott cheated on his wife 

You know what? It is a shame before God that some pastors love sleeping with members of their congregation and then jump in the bed with their wives. And after the wife catches them, to the point that another woman is carrying her husband’s child, they choose to stay and be the fool, believing that their cheating husband will become better.

The devil doesn’t bother anyone he already has, but for this church, it seems like he has had everybody – from the pulpit to the door – in a chokehold for a very long time. Thankfully, we did not witness anyone being put in a chokehold. However, one of the women allegedly pregnant by Pastor Scott who he reportedly having a sexual relationship with attempted to attack his wife.

It is unclear why Pastor Scott’s mistress was attempting to attack his wife, but twice and he stood in the pulpit like a mannequin on display in the mall. The sidepiece has been identified as Eulana Shandre’a Beavers. She has been attending this church since at least 2019.

Pastor Rickey Scott Sr. mistress, Eulana Shandre'a Beavers.
Pastor Rickey Scott Sr. mistress, Eulana Shandre’a Beavers.

 Pastor Rickey was allegedly sleeping with associate pastor BJ Gipson

Associate pastor BJ Gipson
Associate pastor BJ Gipson

Another rumor circulating within this church is that Pastor Rickey was allegedly engaging in sexual activity with another man in the church—his own minister, Jeremy Derrick Gipson, aka BJ Gipson, who wants everybody to believe that because he has kids, that he doesn’t bottom or swalllowww like Bishop T.D. Jakes said. According to the minister’s Facebook page, he has been at the church since April 2022, and it seems like he is enjoying whatever is going on there.

While the self-proclaimed minister claims to be straight and married, we found a Tagged dating profile that he was last active on three months ago, which doesn’t align with being a faithful husband.

First Lady Sharon defends her husband from the pulpit

Pastor Rickey Scott and his wife, First Lady Sharon Scott
Pastor Rickey Scott and his wife, First Lady Sharon Scott

The pastor’s wife, Sharon Scott, stood in the pulpit beside her cheating husband and defended him, telling their church that everyone makes mistakes, although her husband made plenty with other women inside East St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church, which sits on Co Rd 215. Although he made the beds to lie in, she said she also takes responsibility for his actions because they are “one.”



The Church Deacon Board terminated Rickey Scott as their pastor

On Thursday, the church announced on its Facebook page that they had terminated Pastor Rickey Scott Sr. on January 8, 2024, at 6:50 p.m. It seems like the deacon board of this church did the right thing by voting out this pastor by day and manwhoraa by night.

I guess there are still people who will defend God and His holy word.


  1. What a shame! I would never attend this place. Everyone of you should pray ask for forgiveness and leave that church. Smh! Everyone look crazy. This is now all over , how do you have a service trust is gone. No words just embarrassed because black people can never get it together, morals ethics is not in the homes. Simply ridiculous.


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