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Ohio woman drowned her 93-year-old grandma to avoid paying for nursing home


An Ohio woman has admitted to killing her 93-year-old grandmother by drowning her in the kitchen sink, and she did it because she didn’t want to pay to put her grandmother in the nursing home.

35-year-old Heidi Matheny has pleaded guilty to murdering her grandmother, stating that the drowning would make her grandmother “be at rest.”

In late 2022, Heidi pleaded not guilty to the charges, but last Friday, she changed her plea to guilty, according to local medial outlets in Ohio.

On November 14, 2022, doctors told Heidi it was best if her grandmother was admitted into a nursing home, which Heidi say she couldn’t afford.

The next day, November 15, 2022, after Heidi and her grandmother, Alice Matheny, finished eating ice cream, Heidi snuck up behind her 93-year-old grandmother while she washing dishes dunked her head into the kitchen sink until the bubbles stopped.

Officials said Heidi then dragged her grandmother Alice to the couch, where she resumed blowing bubbles, so she put her in the bathtub until she stopped.

Heidi told investigators that she had left her grandmother underwater for 15 minutes and left her in the tub.

I just lost my shit, Heidi said. It’s nothing that she did. She’s a perfect freaking grandma.

According to investigators, Heidi told them she escaped through a window because she “didn’t want the neighbors to see her.”

Heidi will be sentenced on March 15, 2023.

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