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New Birth Pastor Jamal Bryant sexuality in question after recent podcast question he asked


Word On The Curb New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Jamal Bryant is out here in these streets got people believing that he has been in a homosexual relationship before.

Pastor Jamal Bryant

It is no secret that Pastor Jamal has been implied in numerous scandals surrounding women, but these new allegations arising from a podcast are starting to look suspicious for a pastor.

Now, many of us love Pastor Jamal, but after this, we may need to see if he is really a pastor or if he is just a gifted speaker.

With a BIG smile, Pastor Jamal Bryant asked the co-hosts a very interesting question in a recent podcast, and people believe he may have been talking about himself when he asked the question.’

Let me ask you’ll three a question, Pastor Jamal said. Would you date a man who’s said he has had a gay experience?

I’m sure those women were baffled that Pastor Jamal would ask them a question like that because they probably wanted to get in his pants and couldn’t stop laughing because they were shocked like all of us.

Another problem is, as a Pastor, why would you ask a woman if she would date a man who’s had a gay experience? As a pastor, you just don’t ask stuff like that. On top of that, while Pastor Jamal is asking the question, he’s blushing like Billy Porter, and he’s pointing to himself as if he was referring to himself as a man who’s had a gay experience….well, at least that’s how some people on social media saw it.


Chileeeeee….so are we giving Pastor Jamal Bryant another chance, or should the board members at New Birth sit him down?

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