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Murder charges dropped against Chicago 14-year-old son and mother after 14-year-old killed man to protect his mom


Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has dropped the murder charges against a 35-year-old Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son, who shouldn’t have been arrested, to begin with, after Hood’s son shot and unalived a man who was assaulting her.

On Sunday, June 18, around 11 p.m., 35-year-old Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son Nick, drove to the Maxwell Street Express in Chicago for food. While there, Hood encounters a man, and an argument ensues. The man could be seen on video threatening to assault Hood.

(Left) Nick (Right) Carlisha Hood

Hood’s 14-year-old son Nick enters the food joint and stands in the doorway. Hood can be seen and heard on a bystander video telling her son to “Get in the car,” which he doesn’t do. Moments later, 32-year-old Jeremy Brown violently punches Hood in the head three times, according to prosecutors. A gunshot then goes off; Nick had just shot Brown in the back to protect his mother’s life.

Jeremy Brown

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office put out a narrative to paint Hood and her 14-year-old honors student as criminals when they were the victim-and Brown was the criminal. Foxx’s office alleged that Hood texted her son to come inside and blatantly kill Brown. But if that were the case, then Brown would have never had the chance to assault Brown because he would have been dead. 

Nick did what any other son would have done for their mother, plus living life in Chicago is not easy- and Kim Foxx should know that. 

On Monday, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office announced the dismissal of the charges, citing that they wouldn’t be able to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Hood and her 14-year-old son are guilty of first-degree murder.


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