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Chicago woman said she was raped by a Tattoo artist after going to his house to get tatted


A woman in Chicago says she was sexually assaulted by a man her friend referred her to for tattoo work.

In a Facebook social media post, a woman who goes by Narria Narria talked about her experience with this man and posted FB private messages between them and a photo of him. The post is going viral, and many other women in the comments are alleging that this isn’t the first time this man has done this to women.

Narria Narria

Narria said she turned 18 on June 13th and couldn’t wait to get her first tattoos. She said she asked a girl she knew who did hers, and the girl told her a man named Joey Buss. Narria said she messaged Buss on Facebook inquiring about the tattoo, in which he agreed that he could do it for her. Around 9 pm, Narria arrived at Buss place.

Joey Buss

Buss allegedly takes Narria to his basement, where Narria says Buss told her to “ride da chair.” Narria said that Buss was telling her to “sit on da chair backward.” According to Narria, who should have run out when Buss told her to “ride da chair,” said Buss began her tattoo.

Narria said when she got ready to get a tattoo on her back, Buss allegedly started massaging it with cream, and he unstrapped her bra. She said she tried to get up, and Buss grabbed her by the waist, took her to a bed, and r8ped her. Narria said Buss had a condom on as he r8ped her and couldn’t get him to stop after yelling, “STOP,” several times.

According to Narria, Buss told her, “It’s okay, friend,” as he continued penetrating her. She said she told Buss to move, to which he told her that if she didn’t stop, he would put his penis in her rectum. Narria said she started crying because she was helpless.

All alone in the home, just Buss and Narria, she said he got off her and went to the bathroom as she hurried to call her family for help. Narria had to devise a plan to escape without making Buss mad, so she told him that her OG was coming to pick up money from her. When Narria’s OG pulled up, she said she told Buss, went outside and got in the car.

As Narria left with her OG, Buss was seen walking backward after he started getting cursed out.


Narria FB Post 1 of 2
Narria FB Post 2 of 2

In the social media messages, Buss had ulterior motives than just doing a tattoo; hence he kept asking Narria if she was coming by himself and offering her a free tat.


Joey Buss and Narria FB Messages 1 of 5
Joey Buss and Narria FB Messages 2 of 5
Joey Buss and Narria FB Messages 3 of 5
Joey Buss and Narria FB Messages 4 of 5
Joey Buss and Narria FB Messages 5 of 5

Narria said she did call the police and file a police report.

Buss has not yet been arrested if any warrants are out for his arrest.

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