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3-month probation dismissed for black kid who urinated behind his mother’s car


Finally exciting news is emerging from Mississippi, a state with a history of racial tension. A young black 10-year-old had his 3-month probation sentence overturned, which was imposed after he was arrested for urinating behind his mother’s car last summer.

What happened to 10-year-old Quantavious Eason?

Quantavious Eason
Quantavious Eason

 Last August in Sentobia, 10-year-old Quantavious Eason was taken into custody by a police officer after being caught urinating behind his mother’s parked car outside an attorney’s office. Although the officer didn’t handcuff Eason, he did put him in a police vehicle and took him to jail.

Eason’s mother expressed disbelief at her son’s arrest and subsequent three-month probation sentence, arguing that his actions were typical for a child and even some adults in an emergency situation.

The family’s attorney, Carlos Moore, explained that Eason had seen a sign indicating no public restrooms and made an innocent decision. Despite this, Judge Rusty Harlow Jr. ordered Eason to undergo probation, including drug testing and a ban on firearms, as well as writing a report about NBA star Kobe Bryant.

Quantavious Eason
Quantavious Eason

Upon reviewing the probation terms, Eason’s mother refused to sign and instead fought for justice for her son.

In a recent Facebook post, Moore joyfully announced that the case against Eason had been dismissed.


The officer who took Eason into custody is no longer an officer for the Sentobia Police Department. He left the job a couple of weeks after the incident.


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