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Woman who, in the grip of a cannabis-induced psychosis, stabbed a man 108 times has been sentenced to probation


A woman received two years of probation for fatally stabbing her boyfriend 108 times with multiple knives while experiencing acute psychosis induced by marijuana.

In a surprising turn of events, Bryn Spejcher, 32, was given a two-year probation and 100 hours of community service for the tragic death of Chad O’Melia, 26, at his Thousand Oaks condo in Conejo Valley. The incident occurred on Memorial Day in 2018, when she fatally stabbed him at 1 a.m. The night took a dark turn as she also harmed her dog, Arya, and attempted to take her own life before being stopped by the police.

Chad O'Melia
Chad O’Melia

Although Spejcher admitted her guilt, she initially pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. However, a jury found her guilty, and she faced a potential four-year prison sentence and still do if she violate her probation terms.

The prosecutors expressed dissatisfaction with the leniency of the sentence, suggesting that the judge may have been influenced by the misconception that marijuana use could lead to such violent acts.

A forensic psychologist’s report revealed that Spejcher was in a state of acute psychosis during the tragic events, leading to a reduction in the charges. The psychologist described her as appearing “possessed” in body-worn camera footage and highlighted the inconsistency of her actions with her love for dogs. The report also attributed her dissociative state to the high potency of marijuana she had consumed that night.

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During the trial, it was revealed that Spejcher continued to harm herself even after being shocked with a taser by the police. It took a ninth blow with a steel baton by police to finally stop her. In court, Spejcher expressed regret, stating that she was unaware of the potential dangers of marijuana and would never have used it had she known.

Bryn Spejcher
Bryn Spejcher

The case is a tragic reminder of the unforeseen consequences of drug use and the devastating impact it can have on individuals and those around them.

“I wish I had known more about the dangers of marijuana,” Spejcher told the court during her sentencing hearing, according to a courtroom report by the Los Angeles Times. “Had I known, I would never have smoked it that night or at all.”



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