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“Well-Known” N.C. Pastor accused of urinating on Michigan woman during flight identified


A ‘Well-Known’ North Carolina pastor who isn’t so well known has been identified for allegedly urinating on a woman during a flight during the early morning of October 13, 2020.

The North Carolina Beat submitted an FOIA request to Wayne Metro Airport PD in Detroit, Michigan Friday, October 16, and received a redacted police report Monday evening.

The pastor has been identified as 46-year-old Daniel Chalmers, according to the police report. Chalmers is an ordained minister at Catch The Fire Raleigh-Durham located at 2304 Page Rd, Durham, NC 27703, according to his Facebook page.

Daniel Chalmers

Chalmers’s ministry website, Love Wins Ministries also lists him as an ordained minister at Catch The Fire.

It was an early morning flight for Alicia Beverly, the woman listed as the victim in this incident, when she was awakened by pee let loose on her by a so-called man of God, who has now been identified.

Beverly said she was in the back of the Delta airplane sleeping next to her sister coming from Las Vegas headed to Detroit when all of a sudden, she felt a warm liquid splashing on her.

According to the police report obtained by The North Carolina Beat, an off-duty police officer said he observed Chalmers around 2:44 a.m. October 13, 2020, stand up from his seat and walk towards the flight’s tail with only socks on his feet. The officer said he dismissed Chalmers’s actions as normal on a flight, so he went back to watching his movie.

The officer said within 30 seconds; he heard a woman from the back scream. He said passengers were all asleep, but the scream awakened them. When he turned around, he observed Chalmers standing next to the victim, Alicia Beverly.

Flight attendants signaled the officer to respond to the incident, which he did, asking Beverly what happened. The officer said in his statement that Beverly told him, “He peed on me!”. Beverly was talking about Chalmers being the man who urinated on her.

Once he finished talking to Beverly, the officer said he spoke with Chalmers and asked him for identification. Chalmers refused to show identification and said to the officer, “I didn’t do it.” The officer said he asked Chalmers what he didn’t do, and he responded, “whatever it is she is accusing me of, I didn’t do it.” The officer said he advised Chalmers of what Beverly accused him of, and he said, “I’m a pastor, this is out of my character, and I didn’t do it.”

In the police report, the officer said he advised Chalmers that he observed him standing over Beverly, in which Chalmers told the officer that he could feel him to prove that he didn’t do anything wrong. The officer said he advised Chalmers that it was unnecessary for him to touch him but could see a wet spot in Chalmers’s groin area.

Chalmers was asked if he had been drinking because the officer could smell it and his eyes were bloodshot red, in which Chalmers responded, “No, not a drop of alcohol.”

The officer said that he followed up with Beverly and asked her if she would like to prosecute Chalmers, and she said yes.

Later on, during police investigation, Chalmers told officials that he had a couple of drinks and was not feeling good. Chalmers also told officials that he had taken some medication. The name of the drug was not listed in the report, but according to FOX 2 News in Detroit, Chalmers was on Ambien.

Chalmers was cited for simple assault. His court date is unknown.


We contacted Chalmers Monday night for comment and was not able to immediately reach him before this story.



  1. Thankfully there was an officer aboard to witness the assault so it wasn’t a case of he said/she said. This girl has been severely traumatized and hopefully she will be able to put this episode behind her.

    • I am extremely bothered by the fact that this “pastor” had the audacity to lie about the event and then threaten Delta with a lawsuit. Not quite a “man of God.”

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