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Georgia pastor publicly calls out her husband on Facebook for cheating with more than 8 women across different states


Pastor Sctonda Kelly Gordon of In My Father’s House church in Augusta, Georgia, took to Facebook to publicly accuse her husband of cheating with women in Jamaica, Chicago, North Carolina, Atlanta, Augusta, Waynesboro, Florida, and other states. Heldin Gordon, the husband, is also a pastor and a truck driver.

Pastor Sctonda Kelly Gordon and Pastor Heldin Gordon
(Left) Pastor Sctonda Kelly Gordon and (Right) Pastor Heldin Gordon

Word on the Curb…a pastor in Augusta, Georgia is exposing her unfaithful and deceitful husband. The pastor alleges that she is not the only woman her husband is sleeping with. In a social media post, Pastor Sctonda Kelly Gordon called out her husband of 3 years.

Time and time again, The North Carolina Beat has exposed these hypocritical and unfaithful men in the clergy who claim to be called and ordained by God, while engaging in homosexual relationships, cheating scandals, and pedo behavior. The real question is: are you going to stay or leave Sctonda?

In the social media post, Pastor Sctonda called out her husband for allegedly telling the group of women he had been involved with that he was single.

“Besides the women that you’re sleeping with you know that they don’t live a holy lifestyle,” Pastor Sctonda said in the Facebook post. “How can they when they are sleeping with a married man.”

The wife became very upset because she wanted to tag some of the women’s names in her post, but she claimed they were already reading her page. And to be honest, Pastor Sctonda would have been wrong because your husband is the one leaving the house to go to the sneaky links – and if he’s telling them he is single, why are you mad at them?

She claimed that her husband sent money to the women through Cash App and the traditional method, Western Union. Chileeeeee… She said that she wants the women pastors, friends, children, and neighbors to congratulate them for sleeping with a married man, but her roasting game was light on her husband.

Pastor Sctonda, the radio program director at WNRR Gospel 1380 AM & 93.3 FM, said that she was saving the names and pictures of all the women in case she needed to contact a lawyer. The angry and upset pastor further claimed that the women already knew her and were aware that she was married, but obviously her husband, Heldin, didn’t.

Pastor Sctonda claimed that her husband was involved with at least 8 women, whom she added to a group text with Heldin.

Pastor Sctonda Kelly Gordon and Pastor Heldin Gordon
Pastor Sctonda Kelly Gordon and Pastor Heldin Gordon

In her social media post on Tuesday, January 16, the pastor claimed that several months ago, she included at least eight women in a group text with her husband. Pastor Sctonda alleged that she was learning about more women in addition to the eight she claimed knew her and her husband, who she has been married for 3 years.

“I even grouped text about 8 of you a few months ago together because I thought it would be nice for all y’all ladies to get to know each other since you all are involved with the same man plus since he is my husband I included him in that text message since he was the common denominator among us all and I’m just finding out about some more of y’all today who is personally engaging with my husband Heldin Gordon and spending quality time with him in this season and giving him somewhere to lay his head. I tell you. He is a busy Pastor and truck driver.”

This may have been some of the times when he was hunching down. Chileee. The upset pastor claimed that her husband was “evangelizing to only women while driving across country on the highways and the biways. Stopping along the states to make sure he puts his time in with y’all.”

The wife of the alleged cheater claimed that his mistresses even visited her Facebook page and liked her and her husband’s wedding photo.

“I laugh because the only common denominator I have with you all is my husband and the cute thing is he always denying y’all involvement even when he gets caught… but it’s nice that you ladies took the initiative to visit my page,” Pastor Sctonda said in her Facebook post. “A few of you ladies while browsing my page accidentally liked our wedding pictures or was it an accident? Any who, that was So sweet of y’all.”


Pastor Sctonda also encouraged the women to protect themselves if they were going to sleep with another woman’s husband, advising them to “wrap it up.” She continued, saying that she also saw the women sending her husband money, and he, in return, sent it to other women he’s allegedly sleeping with.

“As a wife I see y’all sending him money and he sending it to other women because as you can imagine when a man who is a Pastor is rebelling against God, cheating on his wife, trying to payback and keep all his women happy, take care of everything and everybody his marital home goes lacking,” Pastor Sctonda said.

Pastor Sctonda Kelly Gordon and Pastor Heldin Gordon
Pastor Sctonda Kelly Gordon and Pastor Heldin Gordon

The pastor then attempted to invoke a spell using the name of the Lord, stating that for every dollar they receive, the women would “lose $1000 because you are an unauthorized agent illegally touching and having sex with a wife’s husband which belongs to her by covenant you have brought a curse upon yourself and your household and to the ones committing adultery and infidelity may God have mercy on you for putting others under a curse through your rebellion against God, unrighteous and ungodly behaviors and forsaking your family and marital obligations.”



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