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Prince George officer suspended after cheating on his wife in the backseat of his patrol car with another woman


The police officer, Francesco Marlett, from Prince George’s County, Maryland, who was captured in a viral video kissing a woman who is not his wife while she led them to the back of his patrol car, has been suspended.

Prince George Police Officer And Woman In Backseat Of Cop Car.
Prince George Police Officer And Woman In Backseat Of Cop Car.

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The officer has been identified as Francesco Marlett, and his wife is now calling out the woman he was in the backseat with, telling her to “rot in hell, b***h.”

Prince George Officer
Officer Francesco Marlett

In an updated statement, Prince George police said, “The officer has been identified.” “His police powers are now suspended as the investigation continues.”

Francesco’s wife, Paula Jones-Marlett, stated in a Facebook post that Francesco has been cheating on her “for years.” She also claimed that Virginia Pinto, whom she referred to as his “mistress,” in the viral video, was dumped by her husband due to her infidelity.

Prince George officer wife
Paula Jones-Marlett, estranged wife of officer Francesco Marlett.
Paula’s Facebook post about her husband caught cheating with another woman.
Prince George Officer kissing woman
Paula shares video of her husband, officer Francesco Marlett, cheating on her.

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Paula said in her Facebook post on Tuesday that this was a “very tough time” for her and her three children. She concluded her post by saying, “I love you all.” “Except for Virginia Pinto, you can rot in hell, b***h.”

On Wednesday morning, Pinto responded to Paula, accusing her of being unfaithful in her marriage to Francesco. Pinto said she “did nothing wrong” and that Paula isn’t telling the “whole story, which I understand. But please don’t be mad at me because your husband wants me,” Pinto wrote in a Facebook post.

Virginia Pinto, woman allegedly seen in video hugged up with Officer Francesco Marlett.
Virginia Pinto Facebook post responding to Paula Marlett, the wife of Prince George officer, Francesco Marlett

This new suspension is Francesco’s third suspension. In May 2016, he was indicted on one count of second-degree child abuse and one count of second-degree assault, which were related to an incident that occurred in December 2015. At the prosecutor’s office, it was stated that on December 27, 2015, Francesco was watching his then-girlfriend’s 3-year-old son while she was preparing dinner. Allegedly, he started spanking the boy after he had soiled the bed.

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Prosecutors said that while Francesco was spanking the young boy, the boy’s head hit the wall, causing him to lose consciousness.

In May of this year, he was suspended for 30 days after being accused of domestic violence. However, he returned to duty in June, as reported by WBFF-TV.

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  1. He has shown his ability to be violent and has anger/temper issues and should have been fired after the child abuse case. The department has done nothing to “help” him correct his behavior and suspension most likely with some type of pay is not enough. He should have been required to attend and complete anger management classes and counseling before being able to return if at all.
    If he cannot keep his hands to himself off the clock we know what he does on the clock.


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