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PHOTO: Accused 17-year-old suspect mother car impounded as evidence in NC teen’s murder, according to sources


Issiah Ross, the 17-year-old man The North Carolina Beat identified as the suspect police say murdered 14-year-old Lyric Woods and 18-year-old Devin Clark last month in Orange County, North Carolina, is said to have stolen his mother’s vehicle to commit the crime.

Monday morning, The North Carolina Beat law enforcement sources confirmed that the suspect had been brought back to North Carolina and that Ross was the 17-year-old who allegedly killed the two teenagers, so we released his identity.

17-year-old Issiah Ross

Late Monday night, we obtained a photo of the white GMC Terrain SUV Ross allegedly stole from his mother to commit the murders.


Sources say Ross’s mother saw him and another man she did not recognize on her home ring camera when her son took her SUV.

According to our sources, Orange County authorities have not yet given the vehicle back to Ross’s mother.

According to sources, Ross had fled to Delaware and was captured by federal authorities on October 5.

Ross had a private first court appearance hearing today at Orange County Courthouse, where both families of the victims attended.

Today’s hearing was a procedural hearing about how future hearings involving the suspect will be conducted.

Ross is due back in court Thursday.

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  1. What kind of trouble was he running from in Delaware when they moved down here? Just goes to show you that running from trouble isn’t going to accomplish anything if the person themselves doesn’t change!

    • Everywhere you go there you are is what I say ! But that shit still don’t make him the shooter smh I mean WTF !! Lol mother duckers is a trip y’all talk like you know smh I even heard someone ask if he was Hebrew because of his name LMFAO idiots , what if the story is not what you think Gina ? And how are you so invested? Do you know any of them involved personally? I mean I’m just asking IM TALKING CUZ MAMA AINT , and like I said I hate bullies , esp bullies that don’t know shit about shit so I got her back 100 , so let’s go ,


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