EXCLUSIVE: Documents says murdered NC teens’ Lyric Woods was shot in the neck & Devin Clark pants were below waist, both found ‘lying on their backs’

The North Carolina Beat has received pieces of documents that we will not reveal to protect our source, which details what police observed when they were taken to the bodies of 14-year-old Lyric Woods and 18-year-old Devin Clark by two men who were putting our Deer corn when they came across the bodies.


On Saturday, Sept. 17, the family of Lyric Woods reported her missing to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office around noon. A report of her disappearance was put into the National Crime Information Center Index (NCIC) later that evening. Before Woods was found, a Facebook post by her family said she had left home and could not be reached.

Lyric Woods

Woods’s step-father, Shane Cannada, who is pictured below in the bed inappropriately with a younger Woods, told police that he noticed Woods getting in the shower at 11:00 p.m. Friday night, Sept. 16. According to the report, Cannada went to wake Woods up Saturday morning, and she was gone. He believed Woods left out through an unlocked backdoor.

Shane Cannada and a younger Lyric Woods

Cannada said he didn’t believe Woods ran away because she had left all of her belongings in her room except for an iPad.

Wood’s biological father, Brady Woods, was contacted by Orange County Sheriff’s Office and helped search for Woods.

A K-9 dog was used in the search for Woods. Using Lyric Woods’ pillow case, the dog could determine that Woods most likely left her home and traveled through the woods where four-wheelers often drove.

A neighbor also said they saw Woods riding in a vehicle in the same area at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 17.

According to a police report, indications from the K-9 dog convinced deputies that Woods may have gotten a ride from someone in the vehicle.


18-year-old Devin Clark & his mother Tiffany Concepcion

Tiffany Concepcion, Devin Clark’s mother, reported him missing on Saturday, Sept. 17. The Mebane Police Department entered Devin Clark into the NCIC system as a missing person at 1:42 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 18.


Lyric Woods & Devin Clark

Two men riding four-wheelers in the wooded area 2.5 miles away from Wood’s home discovered the two teenagers dead with gunshot wounds near a power-line easement around 3:00 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 18. near Buckhorn Road.

In a 911 call first obtained by The North Carolina Beat, the unidentified male caller told the dispatcher that he rather speak to an officer in-person about the bodies he’d just discovered. The caller told 911 that he was no longer at the scene. Instead, he told the dispatcher that he went home to tell his father “what was going on” and asked him “what he needed to do.”

According to both families, Woods and Clark were close friends.


Last week, The North Carolina Beat obtained three documents related to this investigation from a source involved in the investigation about the condition of Woods and Clark when they were found.

According to the EXCLUSIVE documents obtained by The North Carolina BeatWoods and Clark’s bodies were in a brush area and lying on their backs.

Clark was wearing dark grey pants, a black hooded sweatshirt, black socks, and a white t-shirt under his sweatshirt.

The report said that Clark’s pants were below his Reebok boxer briefs, and his abdomen appeared to have been “exposed and swollen,” with maggots coming out of his mouth.

The documentS did not list how many gunshot wounds Clark had, but it said he had gunshot wounds to his head and thigh areas.

According to the documents, Woods was wearing grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt with red, white, and blue writing on the front. She also had on light-blue socks. The documentS continued to say that a light blue crock shoe was near her right foot, and another crock shoe was under her.

The documents said that she also had “several necklaces” around her neck with a gunshot wound to the left side of her neck with maggots coming out of her mouth.

According to the documents, both of Woods’s hands were bloody, as well as her face and head.

In other documents, police said they found “several gold 9 millimeter, 43X shell casings” on the gravel area in front of Woods and Clark’s bodies and red flip-flops on the edge of the grass.

To me, it seems as though the killer may have killed them in the same area the police found them in.

Police documented that they saw tire marks just up the road where it appeared a vehicle turned around in the brush area and spun out on the gravel part of the road.

Lieutenant Dawn M. Hunter

On Sept. 28, Lieutenant Dawn M. Hunter, with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office applied for a search warrant application to search Oak Point Apartments APT 204 on Salvet Street in Burlington, North Carolina.



On Sept. 19, we reported to you first on our Facebook page that authorities had a “person of interest in the case.”

The next morning, Sept. 20, we reported to you first that authorities in Orange County would be letting the public know they had a suspect in this double homicide. 

Later Sept. 20 afternoon, Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced they identified a 17-year-old as the suspect for the murders of Woods and Clark.

On Oct. 5, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the 17-year-old suspect had been taken into custody. 

The juvenile in custody has not been identified or yet charged as an adult. Since December 2019, 16- and 17-year-olds who commit crimes in North Carolina are not automatically charged as adults. However, with probable cause, a judge has the ability to transfer the case into the adult justice system.

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  1. This is so sad to me knowing that Lyric didn’t die instantly and was still conscious enough to put her hands where she got shot and be aware that she was dying at just 14 years old!! If they don’t try him as an adult imma go down to the courthouse!!!

    • Girl bye!! You don’t even know if this boy actually did this yet you going off of what you think you know because you heard !! He just might be a victim as well HOW DO YOU KNOW?!! But the truth will come out WATCH !!

      • I posted this before he even revealed this lil wannabe fake ahh gangbanger from Delaware since you tryna go there. This was about the victims, not the murderer. Goodbye girly sit down bc you a lil too upset for me!

        • Absafuckinglutely 😆 you need to hush yo mouth lol hush that’s funny me trying to be pleasant… didn’t you mention trying him as an adult or your going to the courthouse lmfao WHY why are you so invested ?where you taking your time to even comment on a “ wanna be gang banger lol ,, now wouldn’t it be funny if we find out otherwise , I heard some things about the boy that died and his fam being gangsters …. IJS 🤷🏼‍♀️ Know wtf you saying cuz at this point we ALL SPECULATING

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