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Orlando man who filmed Yolna Lubrin hanging said she was in a FIGHT before her death


An Orlando, Florida man, who recorded a video of 31-year-old Yolna Lubrin on her knees with a rope around her neck and posting it on social media, was recently exposed by The North Carolina Beat for having information about what happened to Yolna. The man claims that she was involved in a fight before her death which contradicts suicide claims by the Orlando Police Department.

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Who is Steven Madison?

That man is Steven Madison, whom we previously identified. Earlier this week, we spoke to Yolna’s sister, Naomi Lubrin, who told us that Madison had filmed her sister’s body, posted it on social media, and claimed that he couldn’t call 911 because he had to go to work.

Steven Madison

Our story angered and upset Madison to the point that he started talking talking. He mentioned that a neighbor had witnessed a fight between “them” referring to Yolna and another person, before Yolna was discovered on her knees with a rope around her neck.

In the 4-minute video, Madison claimed that he informed the Orlando police about what he knew. He claimed in the video that he was asleep when everything was going down. So, if true, why did Orlando Police conclude that Yolna committed suicide?

What happened to Yolna Lubrin?

On September 28, 2023, the Orlando police received a phone call reporting a woman hanging from a tree. Upon arrival, detectives claimed that Yolna had committed suicide. After watching the video, The North Carolina Beat sided with Yolna’s family, concluding that her death was not a suicide. The manner in which Yolna was found suggests that anyone could have placed her there and put a rope around her.

She was not dangling in the air…

Who could be responsible for Yolna Lubrin’s death?

At the time of Yolna’s death, four people were present at the home on West Livingston Street. Behind that home, on the same property, is where Madison lived in a shack.

W. Livingston Street home where Yolna Lubrin was found.

The individuals who were present were the homeowner, Lopez Desroches, along with his niece, Marianna Desroches, Madison himself, and Yolna’s girlfriend, Siaara Michelle Pinder.

Lopez Desroaches (Homeowner)
Marianna Desroches (Homeowner’s niece)
Siaara Michelle Pinder (Yolna’s girlfriend)

In the video, Madison uses various vulgar words to insult Naomi. He remains upset and starts getting ahead of himself, revealing details about what happened to Yolna. Speaking about the video of him filming Yolna’s car that was severely damaged and had a tire jack smashed through the front windshield, Madison stated that he didn’t want to touch it because he didn’t want his fingerprints on it or leave his evidence on it.

Madison filmed Yolna’s car.

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Also in the video, you see Marianna, the girl whom Madison was asking what happened the night before in the video of him recording Yolna’s damaged car.


We believe that Yolna was in a fight with Pinder, her girlfriend.

On August 21, Yolna filed criminal charges against Pinder for domestic violence.

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