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North Carolina deputies searching for man who allegedly killed a soldier from Fort Liberty near a car wash in Hope Mills


Authorities in Cumberland County are on the hunt for a suspect wanted for first-degree murder. The individual is accused of fatally shooting a veteran soldier from Fort Liberty near a car wash in Hope Mills. The incident took place at the USA Car Wash located at 3110 Deaver Circle.

Authorities have reported that Lamarvion Tremayne Aviticus McKinnon, a 21-year-old from Fayetteville, was tragically discovered deceased from gunshot wounds on the morning of June 4th. The search is now on for Leavell Malik Lamont Jenkins, a 29-year-old individual, who faces charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon and first-degree murder in relation to the untimely passing of McKinnon.

North Carolina deputies looking for man who allegedly killed Fort Liberty soldier near a Hope Mills car wash

Lamarvion Tremayne Aviticus McKinnon
Lamarvion Tremayne Aviticus McKinnon

Kisal Gilchrist, the mother of McKinnon, shared that her son was seen exiting a 7-Eleven on Ramsey Street following a heated discussion, just before the tragic incident that took his life occurred.

Leavell Malik Lamont Jenkins wanted for murder

Leavell Malik Lamont Jenkins, 29, wanted for murder.
Leavell Malik Lamont Jenkins, 29, wanted for murder.

According to law enforcement officials, Jenkins is described as being of above-average height, ranging between 6 feet 1 inch and 6 feet 4 inches, possessing a slim physique, and weighing approximately 150 pounds. Additionally, he is noted to have black hair, brown eyes, and a rose tattoo located on the palm of his left hand.

Police also looking for two persons of interest

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is also searching for Keymonte Raquan Johnson, 24, of Fayetteville, and Jaheem Murchison, 22, of Fayetteville, for questioning in the homicide.


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