N.C. dealership in Lumberton calls black woman “Bon Quisha” after purchasing her 1st car

Whew! The people in Lumberton, N.C., are so hot with a local dealership that they are calling for protests to shut the dealership down.

A young lady purchased her first car at Lumberton Honda, located at 301 Wintergreen Drive, recently, and the dealership later posted a picture of the young lady and her car on their business Facebook page calling her a derogatory name.

In the caption of the photo, the dealership called the young lady “Bon Quisha.”


The real name of the young lady in the picture is Trinity Bethune.

Trinity Bethune

I’m not sure if this is a “joke” or something but my name is definitely Trinity Bethune, she said. I’m very offended by this post, it’s almost a racial slur. If I’m not addressed by My name then please don’t address me at all.


Her brother Tyrone Jacob took the post to social media, saying that whoever wrote the post did it intentionally.

Typing Bon Quisha requires effort and intent, he said.


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  1. Look at the filthy troglodyte. She has never contributed anything of any value, ever. Lets hope, while this sheboon is riding around wagging her long nasty finger nails, she wrecks and is decapitated before she produces anymore dregs of society.

  2. I just can’t get over the racism in North Carolina. As a white Man who has lived all over the United States growing up (Father was military) I have run across more racism and ignorance in North Carolina than any other place that I have lived (including Ocean Springs Mississippi). Just reading these ignorant comments from so many uninformed naive people is very disheartening. I have never been political and before Trump I would have been willing to vote Republican or Democrat but after watching the Republican party shift from -pretending that racism is not okay- to -not only embracing racism but almost encouraging it-, I could never again possibly vote Republican.
    You are right, this was definitely intentional. I’m sorry that ignorant people (like some of the ones making these comments) seem to dedicate their lives spreading hate.
    An apology for this just does not seem like enough of a gesture. I hope they do better than a simple apology. Someone needs to be fired.

  3. If it was the manager by the name of Kent he needs to be removed from ever serving the public again. He is racist against women in general. My wife bought a new car. Honda Accord Sport. 2020. 2 miles on the car. I own my own business. Servicing vehicles. I done the oil changes, and two tire rotations by 17k miles. Even sent receipts of the work. Her car roars so load you cannot hear the radio. It was coming from the rear. I actually thought it was a bearing going out because 17k miles on a new car, been serviced etc. This Kent wannabe tells my wife we need two new tires , they were not going to put them on unless we paid like 180.00 a piece plus tax labor etc. After a heated discussion, him being a smart?? To her , he tells her if she wants something for free call her president , and he would do whatever it took for her not to get any service from them. Well, that set me off and he shall know me coming soon. She knows me and paid for a service and tire rotation again to get her car back over the phone, had her keys mailed to her and went on a Sunday with my mother to get the car while I was at work to keep me away. Good for him but it’s just prolonged the inevitable. Yo, Kent , see ya soon.

    • You’re joking right? White women are called Karen’s when they’re being blatantly racist. This young lady patronized this business and was unnecessarily called out of her name. If you’re racist just say that and go.

  4. Proofread your post. She clearly states, “address me by MY name”, not “MT name. I respect what you’re doing, but to gain the credibility that’s needed, make sure when you post something that you definitely don’t have any mistakes in your post.

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Written by Gerald Jackson

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