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DISTURBING: Dallas TX man seen on video violently assaulting two women in Waffle House on New Year’s Day


A woman came forward to The North Carolina Beat and said that a man she knew and had been having sexual relations with violently assaulted her and her friend on New Year’s Day in a Waffle House in Dallas, Texas.

The video we will show below is disturbing, and according to the woman, warrants have been issued for the man.

On January 1, 2023, New Year’s Day, around 3-4 am, Arianna Nesmith said she and her female friend named Jalin was dining at a Dallas Waffle House, and on their way to cash out, she saw a man she had been dealing with sitting at the table with another woman.

Arianna Nesmith

“This is a man I had been in dealings with, but my intentions were to just walk over to the table and speak to him after I paid for my food,” Arianna said.

Arianna said she went back to her table and told her friend Jalin that she was going to go say ‘Hi’ to her friend, the guy she had dealings with. Arianna said she walked over to the table and spoke to the guy, and they had a lengthy conversation. She said that the guy’s girlfriend also joined in the conversation, and they all had a conversation.

“We talked about what we did for New Year’s, and I introduced myself to the woman that he was with, and we talked for a little bit,” Ariann said.

During their conversation, Arianna said the woman seemed to become uncomfortable. Finally, Arianna said the woman turned to her boyfriend and asked him if he knew her.

“Do you know her?” Arianna said the woman asked her boyfriend.

Arianna said the woman asked the man question after they had just had a full-blown conversation. She said the man told his girlfriend that he knew Arianna and that he had known her for nearly four years. Arianna said the woman started looking even more uncomfortable.

Looking on at the table with Arianna, the guy she had dealings with, and his girlfriend, Arianna’s friend Jalin comes over to join them.

“My friend came over and introduced herself to them,” Arianna said.

Arianna said the woman asked her ‘what’s going on? to which Arianna said her friend Jalin asked, “Are you his girlfriend?” and that the woman said, “yes.”

“After she told us that she was his girlfriend, my best friend asked how long they had been together,” Arianna said.

The woman told them that she and the man had been together for one year.

“I looked at him, and she looked at me, and she was asking me what was going on,” Arianna said. “I just told them this wasn’t my business at this point, and I told her that I think she should talk to her man.”

Arianna said the man pushed his girlfriend out of the booth and walked towards her best friend in her face. She said the man started calling them bitches, telling them they were drunk and on drugs. As the man’s girlfriend is trying to go around him to talk to Arianna to further discuss what is going on, Jalin is trying to calm the guy down, telling him to calm down because he’s starting to get angry.

“My friend was just telling him to calm down and to get his hands off her,” Arianna said. “He then pushes her back, and she swats his hand, and he walks her down to the ground while choking her.”

The video shows the man, who has been identified as 34-year-old Ulysses Deaudra Benton choking Jalin with one of his hands, taking her to the ground, and then punching her in the face. After Benton takes Jalin, who is in all black, to the ground, you will see from another video that Arianna, who is in the white, tries to get Benton off her friend by hitting him in the back. Once Arianna hits Benton in the back, he turns around and punches her in the face, knocking her unconscious. After Benton knocks Arianna unconscious, he turns back around again and assaults Jalin before being pushed off her by bystanders.

Ulysses Benton

The video is very disturbing to watch.



Arianna said Benton blacked her friend Jalin’s eyes, bruised her ribs, and sprang her ankle.


Arianna said that Benton busted her lip and scratched up her body.



“He scratched up both of our bodies,” Arianna said.

When we asked Arianna if Benton had still communicated with her, she said they had still been in communication and had just seen each other in December before New Year’s.

Arianna said that she and Benton were not together but dating.

“We were dating and would have sex when we saw each other,” Arianna said.

Benton admitted to The North Carolina Beat that he knew Arianna but never mentioned anything about them dating. He said he assaulted both women because he was defending himself and his lady and didn’t know if Arianna or Jalin had weapons or who they were with that could have harmed him.

“They approached me aggressively, and I defended me and everyone who was with me,” Benton said. “I asked them to move, and they didn’t want to move, and the bigger girl bucked up at me, talking crazy to me, and tried to stop us from leaving, so I grabbed her and got her out my way.”

Arianna said she did not go to the table aggressively, and neither did her friend Jalin when she walked over and introduced herself to everyone.

“We literally had a full-blown conversation. All of us did,” Arianna said.

Arianna said that she and her friend did criminal file charges against Benton, but he has not yet been arrested.

“He is an extremely violent man and he is a reoccurring abuser,” Arianna said. “I spoke to multiple women and he does this to a lot of women.” 

The North Carolina Beat reached out to Dallas authorities and did not receive comment before posting this story.

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  1. Black women LOVE these kind of men, and they love fighting over them. See how she even said he was a “known abuser” and she still walked up to him while he was with another woman. Yet they say decent, working black guys like me are “too nice” lmao

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  3. “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”—Malcolm

  4. It’s really sad to see all those people in there and not a single soul reaches out to try and stop the assault :(. All those men and yall did nothing? Smh.

    • Exactly our black men are so scared and sorry how could all those men sit there and laugh while this guy is beating these women black men ain’t ish

  5. I wouldn’t have never went over there because it looking like the 2 girls were actually going over there to be messy, because if you not with dude why even approach them

  6. She didn’t hit him so why he so violent he guilty of something he mad cause he got caught up they need to lock his a*s up periotttt

  7. So much going on in this story. He should have never put his hands on her. Point blank. Period. Personally, I would have never went up to the table to speak. Because he maybe did think they were on that rah rah 🥊time. And was afraid of what they were going to do. But it didn’t seem like that’s what they wanted to do. It seems like it was a more of a “matter of fact” so his girlfriend was aware. But what bothered me most… like that girl in the background was saying… all these nighas in the Waffle House and none of them was trying to put this nigha in check! We must protect our black queens at all cost!

  8. Seems like she went looking for something, but it did not turn out the way she expected. Her and her girlfriend were about to get catty. Why would you go to this man’s table and you see he’s with another female to spark up the conversation? I DO NOT CONDONE PHYSICAL ABUSE FROM MALE OR FEMALE! However if u poke the bear well ya know the rest🤷🏽‍♀️ you were dealing with him for four years but today you want to tell how he’s abusive and likes to get violent if that were the case and you knew this why would you approach him? Hmmmm🫣🤔

    • First of all based on your username it seems like you might be a woman so the first thing is you should be ashamed. Second you clearly do condone because regardless this situation is NOT acceptable. You don’t know if this woman knew that man was abusive. If they were on and off how would she know that. The relationship was clearly not exclusive. Shame on you for taking up for this nonsense.


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