Jacksonville, N.C. attorney disbarred for misappropriating funds

A Jacksonville attorney will never be able to practice law again in North Carolina after he was caught misappropriating funds.

In 2014 and 2015, attorney Matthew Carl Coxe Of The Coxe Law Firm misappropriated $4,212.86 from his real estate trust account, $7,100 from one of his attorney trust accounts, and $2,839 from another of his trust accounts, according to N.C. State Bar.

In April of 2016, Coxe consented to the entry of an order of preliminary injunction against him, which prohibited him from accepting funds in a fiduciary capacity, withdrawing checks against any account he held fiduciary funds, or serving as an attorney-in-fact.

An unintegral Coxe continued to accept entrusted funds and failed to relinquish his position as attorney-in-fact for a client who had previously executed a continuing power of attorney.

Coxe began handing all of the client’s financial affairs and opened a dedicated fiduciary account in the client’s name in 2017. He did not adequately attend to the client’s matters and misappropriated $23,770.75 in funds transferred from the fiduciary fund to Coxe’s attorney trust account and another $5,073.66 designated for payment for the client’s in-home-care.

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An audit of Coxe’s trust accounts in response to a grievance also revealed multiple other deficiencies in Coxe’s trust account management and handling of entrusted funds.

In August of 2019, Coxe had received three distinct censures. In the separate cases, each one resulted in a different condemnation. Coxe was appointed to represent a client on criminal charges, and in each case, the client remained incarcerated pending the resolution of his charges, and Coxe failed to adequately communicate with the client, despite repeated requests from the client to do so. Coxe had also been administratively suspended.

Coxe has been an attorney in North Carolina since 2015, but that came to an end on November 9, 2020.

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