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Goldsboro drunk driver arrested after allegedly killing man riding on bicycle


A Goldsboro, North Carolina woman with a penchant for hitting the road after a few too many drinks is now facing serious charges after a tragic incident involving a man on a bicycle.

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Lawanda Hall, the unapologetic driver in question, seems to have a history of reckless behavior behind the wheel. Despite previous run-ins with the law in March 2019 for driving under the influence, hit and run incidents, and traffic violations, Hall now finds herself in a much more dire situation.

Lawanda Hall March 2019 arrest for DWI.
Lawanda Hall March 2019 arrest for DWI.

This time, her actions have resulted in the loss of 59-year-old John Moore’s life.

Riding his bicycle in the center lane on Highway 111 in Elroy Sunday night, Moore was struck from behind by Hall’s car, throwing him from his bike and killing him.

The consequences for Hall are severe, as she now faces charges including felony death by vehicle, driving while impaired, reckless driving, and other violations related to alcohol consumption while driving.

Lawanda Hall 2024 mugshot stemming from DWI.
Lawanda Hall 2024 mugshot stemming from DWI.

Lawanda Hall has since bonded out of jail.


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